Ok guys. I haven't seen much survivor so I need YOU (yeah, I'm talking to you) to help me out abit

The idea is Heroes vs Villans round 2.

I would need 10 villans and 10 heroes from previous seasons of survivor. When I get the first 20 apps will be closed. I don't care what season they are from as long as it is only there 2nd or 3rd time playing because I don't want a copy of the original one. You can submit 2 but if you do it has to be one heroe and one villan. Then you will be a sort of representitive for them and say who you want them to align with and all. Just don't get annoyed if you are voted off. I will not be submiting my own entries because I don't want people to think I'm making them win. When we rech the jury stage I will inform you if you are voted off so you can vote as a juror. This is an idea. Leave in the comments BELOW if you think it's a good idea and if so submit your entries. First come first serve. If i get enough yes or no's it determines if i do this fan fic. I may not though but still submit your entries. I will use an even number of boys and girls. Don't expect it to be as great as iankevinsevilla of henzzy. It will be more like the fanfics on EDIT: I will be adding colton to the list of comtestants as well as jonas due to my brothers demand.

Teams so far


Captin: Troyzan Robertson (Donasaurus Rex)

Andrea Boehlke (Ckarimalis).

Yul Kwon (Whoisrob)

Peih Gee Law (Joshjosh123)

Jonas Otsuji (Coach Master)

Robert "Bob" Crowley (A Wikia Contributor)

Judson John "Fabio" Birza (Mad Russell)

Sundra Oakly (Badapplesurvivor)

Sarita White (Villan King)

Dawn Meehan (Henzzy)


Captain: Natalie Bolton (Ckarimalis)

Jonathan Penner (Donasaurus Rex)

Judd Sergeant (Whoisrob)

Todd Herzog (Joshjosh123)

Colton Cumbie (Coach Master)

David Murphy (Mad Russell)

Shii Ann Huanng (A Wikia Contributor)

Stephine Valencia (Villan King)

Ami Cusack (Reddude)

Alicia Rosa (Henzzy)