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  • TheHickman


    December 6, 2012 by TheHickman

    (I have a feeling this won't be a good idea but who knows?)

    Now I have an idea. Survivor Roleplay Wiki. 

    It would be like people compete together on Survivor and they vote each other out to win a (fake) MILLION DOLLARS!!!. Before you say "This is just like Survivor: Wikia come up with your own idea NZ Man." Well you are wrong. It would possibly go like this.

    Bob - The Dude - NZ Man

    Sandy - The Other Person - NZ Man

    Sally - The Sports Girl - Bedginr (not a real user)

    Dan - The Evil Doer - Bedginr


    Bob: Hello worthy competiters.

    Sandy: *walks away*

    Jeff: For this challenge you will run and climb up the wall (5 lines) and then solve the puzzle on the opposite side (4 lines)

    Dante: *runs*


    Bob: How did we lose?

    Sandy: Good job guys.

    Dante: *wri…

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  • TheHickman

    my third fanfic

    May 21, 2012 by TheHickman

    Not doing All Stars I'm doing a new fanfic an you decide personalitys.


    Marvin " Mad Hatter" Hollows age 20 job chemist Location columbus ohio Born with the disabilitie of Autism, Marvin can seem insane,but is very intelligent. Marvin is Even able to speak. is able to find hidden immunity idols without clues. and a master of manipulation .He will do anything to win the 1,000,000 dollars , he will lie ,cheat ,steal manipulate. he will destroy peoples plans to win so fast they wont even know it was him Mad Russell

    Nick Donaldson, 25 Brooklyn New York

    Nick is a professional dancer, he is the best a hiphop and street dance, and he is also a ballet star. He is very fit, and loves a good challenge, and his competitive by nature, and is a flirt.…

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  • TheHickman

    I tried to put the video on but it didn't work.

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  • TheHickman

    New Survivor Game

    May 19, 2012 by TheHickman

    Survivor World on Facebook.

    ( Just tested it. Only for U.S and Canada,
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  • TheHickman

    You know the drill

    18th Kourtney (Salani) Same as real series

    17th Nina (Salani) Same as real series

    16th Tarzan (Manano) Colton uses the idol but Matt was flushing it and Coltons alliance split votes meaning 4 Tarzan 3 Matt 2 Jay

    15th Christina (Salani) The guys didn't give up immunity and she was the outcast

    14th Monica (Manano) Same as real series.

    13th Michael (Salani) Kim uses idol and Michael goes 3-0

    12th Alicia (Tikano) Voted out by guys.

    11th Chelsea (Tikano) Voted out by guys.

    10th Jay (Tikano) Kat uses idol

    9th Sabrina (Tikano) Voted out by guys

    8th Kim (Tikano Voted out)

    7th Bill (Tikano) Kat wins immunity.

    6th Troyzan (Tikano) Voted out

    5th Matt (Tikano) Voted out

    4th Colton (Tikano) Removed due to injury

    3rd Leif (Tikano) Votes from Colton a…

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