So I was looking at the Heroes vs. Villains logo and since I first read that those people were supposed to be silhouettes of the contestants. I've always been able to place some of the obvious ones (Colby, Coach, and Jerri) but I looked a little closer and tried to place the bodies with the name using some distinguishing features and body languages and types. 

I have a history of being the last to do or know about a lot of stuff so I'd feel really dumb if I spent all this time trying to figure this out and find out that someone already has so if you know someone else already has, please don't kill my thunder.


Here's my reasons.

Colby: Cowboy hat.

Sugar: She's one of the shorter of the girls but not as big as Cirie, and her hair is short and puffy.

Cirie: Shorter than Amanda, Candice, and Stephenie and a little bit bigger.

Amanda: Tall, thin, and her hair is put to the right shoulder. Examples:

S15 Amanda KimmelS16 Amanda KimmelAmanda camp

Candice: She puts her hair up like that a lot. Examples:

JamescandiceCandice Ratng

Stephenie: She was the remaining girl. It was hard to determine her from Amanda since they both put their hair to the sides sometimes, but Stephenie's hair is a lot puffier than Amanda's.

James: His height and it looks like he's doing that thing where he puts his head back slightly which he does often. One example:

Th (2)

Tom: It was hard to tell because it only show's his head.

J.T.: It was just a guess. 

Coach: This one is obvious. His hair and Dragonslayer stance.

Coach DragonSlayer

Randy: Him and Russell look kind of similar in this but Randy is funnier than Russell so I could see him do that more.

Jerri: The hat.

Tyson: The face that he's taller than the others.

Courtney: She is literally the thinnest of all the girls and she is the funniest of any Survivor ever so similar to why I could distinguish Randy from Russell is because of their funny stances. She kinda has that same stance in her cast photo, just a little more... sassy...?

S20 Courtney Yates

Russell: He's shorter than the guys that he's standing near and he's thick.

Sandra: Pretty much the same reason as Cirie.

Danielle: I think Danielle is slightly taller than Parvati. You can tell right here...

Parvati and Danni

Rob: The baseball cap.

Parvati: She's slightly shorter than Danielle and she stands like that.. kind of often. With her hands down to her sides and her head facing down very slightly. Examples:

Parvati smileFinal3Parvati Dabu

That last one isn't the best example but still.

OK so tell me what you think, if you agree or disagree on any of them or all if you think i'm totally wrong. I just made this post for fun so... have fun discussing if you want.