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    HvV Logo - Silhouettes

    August 15, 2013 by TheDrPeps79

    So I was looking at the Heroes vs. Villains logo and since I first read that those people were supposed to be silhouettes of the contestants. I've always been able to place some of the obvious ones (Colby, Coach, and Jerri) but I looked a little closer and tried to place the bodies with the name using some distinguishing features and body languages and types. 

    I have a history of being the last to do or know about a lot of stuff so I'd feel really dumb if I spent all this time trying to figure this out and find out that someone already has so if you know someone else already has, please don't kill my thunder.

    Here's my reasons.

    Colby: Cowboy hat.

    Sugar: She's one of the shorter of the girls but not as big as Cirie, and her hair is short and puf…

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