• TheAnimeKid87


    August 15, 2015 by TheAnimeKid87

    So everyone is gonna get mad at me for saying Survivor stinks. But I watched Borneo and it just made me Boredo. On a few Wikis, there is so much pro Survivor it annoys me and fuels my hatred further. Like, ugh, and since everyone LOVES Survivor they are all, "Why do we need to go into PM if we all like it?" They don't say it, but we ALL know they are thinking it.

    Survivor stinks, to me, due to the contributing factors of making me go to sleep, making me want to gauge my eyes and just being horrid. Am I biased? Well no DUH. I am obviously biased. If you guys are all the type of Wiki to ban me for stating such then do so, I don't care and I don't like the show. I may give it another chance, hopefully I won't puke.

    I do happen to say that the w…

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