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  • Thatsmyidol

    Ulonging Strategy

    December 8, 2013 by Thatsmyidol

    I'm interested in hearing anyone's and everyone's opinion on how to survive an ulonging. Both how to get through the ulonging, and continue to survive afterwards. Thoughts on any level of ulonging are appreciated (down 3, 4, 5 members, etc.). Anything you got, comment below.

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  • Thatsmyidol

    Rewatching classic Survivor episodes. And I just can't. I'm rewatching episode 6 of Panama, and La Mina is at tribal council. There are eleven players left. Every merge that has occurred to date has been 10, or occasionally 9 (once eight because CBS wanted to screw with them). And they're voting off Dan for one reason: He's the weakest. I realize that they may have had other reasons, but this is a trend.

    Why is the trend that towards the end of the tribal stage, tribes feel the need to vote out the weakest members of their tribe. Not even along alliance lines. Later in Survivor history, after the tribe switch became almost a given, people are still voting people like Laura Alexander off mid-merge for being weak. Does no one realize that str…

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  • Thatsmyidol

    Monica's Small Slip-up

    October 24, 2013 by Thatsmyidol

    Referring to the episode "One-Man Wrecking Ball"

            In this episode, Kat nonsensically throws Monica's name around. I'm not going to explain the issues of bringing a name up without actually following through with it. As important as it was for Monica to bring Kat's name up, she should definitely have been more subtle about it. Tina told Monica, then Monica went straight to Kat to confront her. I realize that Tina could easily have been lying, and maybe Tina's edit makes her seem more trustworthy than she might come off as in real life. However, using the information we are given, Monica should have bit her tongue. If Monica wants a war with Kat, which she expressed-she says something to the effect of: I need to get her out, before she…

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