I will be starting a fanfic :D But I need help with giving my characters personalities, so I will post them here and in the comments, please claim two characters and give them a little bio :). Once this is done, I will make a FanFic page and post them all there and begin my fanfic. Here's what I need help with

  • I've got the first names, but you can make the last name.
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Description

Here are the characters:


Alice Kennedy -
Age: 64
Occupation: Crossing Guard
Bio: Alice is a widow, he husband had died two years ago in a car accident and has been alone ever since. She has four children, but they all live away. She is a school crossing guard, she feels that it's the least she can do for her community. She has endurance due to her job and that she has run marathons for four decades. Unfortunately, she's not big on physical or puzzle challenges and isn't aware that people will lie.

AngelaTdi Angela Chang -

Age: 33
Occupation: Telemarketer
Bio: Angela is a strategist and will do anything to win. She grew up in a well family and has a fine job. Angela isn't great with challenges in general, but she can outwit people.

CaylaTdi Cayla Everate -
Age: 30
Occupation: Librarian
Bio: Cayla is a book lover, she loves reading anything. She has wanted to be a libraian for a long time. She was born to a very poor family, and she wants to win survivor to help her family financially.
CodyTdi Cody Daitner -
Age: 23
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Bio: Tony is a video game graphic designer from Florida. His weak stature isn't going to help him win andy phsical challenges, and his clutziness wont help him balance either. He might seem like first boot material, but he is a straegist, he knows he is weak, and knows a strong person might take him to the end as a goat. So given if he makes the merge, he would play a great game.
DanielTdi Daniel Williams -
Age: 23
Occupation: Actor
Bio: Daniel loves all reality compatiotions execpt the deadley ones he has been on all the others and that is how he is discovered now that he's on survivor he will try to outwit outplay and outbeat the rest.
FlorenceTdi Florence Lamb -

Age: 60
Occupation: Retired
Bio: Florence is a retired senior from Oklahoma, she may be old, but she is young at heart. She enjoys riding her motor scooter around, even though she can walk perfectly fine, (she even runs marathons) and using her senior privileges to get good parks. She is a prankster at heart, and she loves to joke around. Her quick wit, and ability to think of comebacks will shock some people, but she just wants to have fun. She tends to say crazy things when people annoy her. She tends to call people "Dear" when she forgets their name, which is quite often.

FranTdi Fran Lim -

Age: 21
Occupation: Fashion Blogger
Bio: Fran grew up always in love with fashion trends, and always looked at people to get new ideas. She can tell a persons personality just by looking at their clothes. She's good at puzzle challenges, but will not last in physical and endurance challenges. She's also a bit ditzy, but can tell when something is not right.

FrankTdi Frank Korndoffer -
Age: 42
Occupation: Lawyer
Bio: Frank hates so much that he will make sure they get the boot first he will always play fair and will make sure he wins the million and he will do whatever it takes to win


FredrickTdi Fredrick Reynolds -
Age: 27
Occupation: Bartender

Bio: Frederick lives in a small town in Wisconsin, bartendering for the local bar. He lives a quiet life with his fiance, Helen. He owns a motorcycle that he loves to ride. He dreams of quitting bartending and opening up his own body shop. He joined Survivor so he could win the money needed to open the shop and bring fame to the small little town in Wisconsin.

HillaryTdi Hillary Berry -
Age: 19
Occupation: Ballet Dancer
Bio: Hillary is a professional ballet dancer from Baltimore, she recently finished her show of Back Swan as the "Swan Queen" she will not have any trouble keeping up in physical challenges, but will be at her peak in endurance challenges, due to harsh training for ballet. She loves to socialize. Her one weakness, she is terrified of Spiders.
JasperTdi Jasper Booker -

Age: 56
Occupation: Welder
Bio: Jasper was always living in poor conditions, so when he turned 18 he joined the army. He fought in Vietnam and when he came back, he had enough money to move to a new state and learned how to weld. He currently has one of the best welding businesses in the country. He is calm, but becomes agitated when someone is not doing something right. He is good at all challenges, but not exceptionally skilled. He also strategizes, but won't go out of his way to do something if he thinks it won't work.

KennyTdi Kenny "Ken" Smith -
Age: 22 -
Occupation - Writer
Bio: Ken is a writer with no sucess yet and wants to win survivor for a million dollars. He is openly gay and loves shopping. He is most like Colton because of his evilness and racistness. He is charming and everyone likes him
User:NZ Man123
LizzyTdi Lizzy Applegate -
Age: 32
Occupation: Counciler for troubled youth
Bio: Lizzy is from New York, she works in a public high school, and is a councillor for troubled youth. Everyday she works with teens, and helps them with their students, she is seen as a hero in her coummity, for saving lives, and stopping drug use and underage drinking. She wants to compete in survivor, to show the youth she works with that anything is possible, and to always have something to look forward to in life. Lizzy is a natural born leader, and can asses people, and read body and facial language really well.
OliviaTdi Olivia Morris -
Age: 21

Occupation: Harvard Student
Bio: Olivia has the looks and the smarts. She knows she is beautiful and uses it against people. She is very good at thinking under pressure. She is currently attending Harvard Law and dating a boy on the football team. On the side she is in a band called Chasing Riots. She plans to win survivor by manipulating guys and girls alike until she is the last survivor standing.

RichardTdi Richard Briggs -

Age: 26
Occupation: Manager
Bio: Richard is arrogant and always puts himself in front of others. He believes he is the best at everything but when he loses, he storms off in anger. Richard is very physical and has great endurance, but he's not the best at puzzles (don't tell him though!)

SamanthaTdi Samantha Charles -
Age: 34
Occupation: Stripper
Bio: Samantha is bisexual and isn't afrid to use her body to get what she wants. She is bisexual and proud of it. Her idol is Ellen Degenerous and loves Survivor. She is the third Survivor Girls gone wild and wants to make a big impact on T.V. She is a stripper to get through college and is actualy a bit of a nerd.
User:NZ Man123
TannerTdi Tanner Kline -

Age: 23
Occupation: Unemployed
Tanner just graduated college at the top of his class in biochemistry. But due to the suffering economy, he hasn't found a job for what he wants to do. He hopes he can put his name out there by being on Survivor, or hoping to win and start his own profitable business. He can do puzzles fast and has decent endurance, but cannot compete in physical challenges well. He also knows how to play the game, but starts to think about it too far ahead.

TimTdi Tim Brodchester -
Age: 55
Profession: Retired Cop
Bio: Tim is a retired cop from the rough streets of Detroit. He's cleaned the streets consideribly since his start 25 years ago, however, a leg injury put him out of the force for good, he now walks with a slight limp. Don't count him out though, as he's ready to prove himself, and show he can keep up with the youth.
User:Mister.. E.
TonyaTdi Tonya Holton -
Age: 28
Occupation: Aspiring Actress
Bio: Tonya is hoping for her big break. She has apperaed in a few local commercials and one nation wide commerical. She has aslo been an extra in a few TV shows, thats how Survivor producers found her. Through her very small rise in fame, she has kept a level head. She doesnt know much of the game, but she knows she could dominate challenges. She also knows she could make good friends with any girl on her team that was similar in personality.
TreyTdi Trey Jones -
Age: 24
Occupation: Training Doctor
Bio: Trey is physicaly strong, as well as being smart. He has a stratigic mind, but he wants to use his power for good, not evil. He has dreams of playing survivor and becomming one of the greatest heroes ever. He dislikes people who dont belive in them selfs.

So feel free to comment and pick out a character :D