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    Please vote for Wuhan in this blog!

    Please, it would help SO much :D

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    May 19, 2012 by Tdi

    I will be starting a fanfic :D But I need help with giving my characters personalities, so I will post them here and in the comments, please claim two characters and give them a little bio :). Once this is done, I will make a FanFic page and post them all there and begin my fanfic. Here's what I need help with

    • I've got the first names, but you can make the last name.
    • Age
    • Occupation
    • Description

    Here are the characters:

    Alice Kennedy -
    Age: 64
    Occupation: Crossing Guard
    Bio: Alice is a widow, he husband had died two years ago in a car accident and has been alone ever since. She has four children, but they all live away. She is a school crossing guard, she feels that it's the least she can do for her community. She has endurance due to her job and th…

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    Hey, I'm new here :D I love survivor, like everyone here, and I make up some random survivor thing like this one XD So I'll share this :) Lol ask questions if you want

    Original Tribe
    Merged Tribe
    Votes Against

    Donkey Kong
    1st Voted Out
    Day 3 8
    Villains 2nd Voted Out
    Day 6 6
    Villains 3rd Voted Out
    Day 8 5
    Diddy Kong
    Heroes 4th Voted Out
    Day 11 8
    Villains 5th Voted Out
    Day 14 8
    Heroes 6th Voted Out
    Day 15 5
    Bowser Jr.
    Villains 7th Voted Out
    Day 15 6
    Heroes 8th Voted Out
    Day 18 4
    Hammer Bro.
    Villains Yin Yang 9th Voted Out
    1st Jury Member
    Day 21 13
    Villains 10th Voted Out
    2nd Jury Member
    Day 24 10
    King Boo
    Villains 11th Voted Out
    3rd Jury Member
    Day 27 6
    Villains 12th Voted Out
    4th Jury Member
    Day 30 10
    Dry Bones
    Villains 13th Vote…

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