Okay, here's a question for you lot:

Who are your 16 favourite Survivor contestants? Let's pretend you've been given your own Survivor season to put only your favourites in: 

Mine would be: (these are all from later seasons because I am too young to have watched the older ones)

1. Chicken (because DAYUM) (China)

2. Russell S (Samoa)

3. Russel H.

4. Lindsey (Worlds Apart)

5. Frosti (China)

6. Ken (Gabon)

7. Matty (Gabon)

8. Holly (I forget which season, oops)

9. Brenda 

10. Lydia (again I forget which season but she was AWESOME)

11. Twaila (Vanuatu)

12. Shane (Panama)- probably one of my favourite contestants

13. Bruce (Panama)- poor guy deserves another chance. :P

14. Rob C (season I forget)

15. Brandon- it'll be interesting to see him compete against his father

16. Taj (Because she is AWESOME)

None of these have to do with how well they played the game, just my personal favourites. :) Feel free to disagree with me and post your own!