Hi all, 

This is just a little blog to introduce myself.

Hi! I'm Tangle. I'm a fan of Survivor (duh). 

The first full season I watched was Guatemala, although I did see snippets of All-stars (1 episode- Lex being voted out; it was actually my first) and Vanuatu (final 5 episodes). I really liked Guatemala, so I kept watching and got obsessed. From there, I watched every season up until Redemption Island. I hated Redemption Island and the whole idea of people being allowed back in the game, so I stopped watching, up until now.

After following Survivor around on Wikipedia, I noticed that a season was still going (Worlds Apart) and I thought "hmm.... I might give this a shot", so I had a 4.5 hour Survivor marathon to catch myself up, and I love it again!

I really respect people who stick to honesty, but at the same time I love a good game player *cough* Russel Hantz *cough*. I really want to go on Survivor. I wanted to be the first contestant with a physical disability, but Kelly B from Nicuragua beat me to that, so I'll; be the second. I reckon I could win IF (very big if) I make the merge, and if I were to make the jury, I would vote for the person who played the game best, I think. 

My favourite survivor contestants are:

Russell Hantz

Frosti Zernow

Chicken Morris

Ken Hoang

Lydia Morales

Parvati Shallow (blindsiding JT in Heroes vs. Villains- BEST MOVE EVER)

and Taj Johnson-George

From this season, I really like Lindsey. 

My least favourites are:

Rob Mariano (in my opinion, the worst Survivor player ever)

NaOnka Mixon '

Richard Hatch

Mostly I'll be on this wiki to do grammar fixes and comment on blogs. :)