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  • I live in A world that revives around Survivor, and only Survivor.
  • I was born on March 15
  • My occupation is Survivor superfan, runner of a Survivor podcast, writer of Survivor fanfiction... I could go on.
  • I am Male. Always have been, always will be.
  • Tanglefrost

    TBH, I think what happened to them was really unfair (don't judge me, I just watched it today xD). My question is, do you think the schoolyard pick should have been handled that way? And do you think Wanda and John should be allowed back? I heard they were meant to be in Guatemala but they chose Bobby and Steph instead. I really want to see John and Wanda compete, even though Wanda might go first. :P 

    What are your thoughts? 

    I personally thought it was really unfair and would be so pissed if it happened to me. 

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  • Tanglefrost

    Hi all, 

    This is just a little blog to introduce myself.

    Hi! I'm Tangle. I'm a fan of Survivor (duh). 

    The first full season I watched was Guatemala, although I did see snippets of All-stars (1 episode- Lex being voted out; it was actually my first) and Vanuatu (final 5 episodes). I really liked Guatemala, so I kept watching and got obsessed. From there, I watched every season up until Redemption Island. I hated Redemption Island and the whole idea of people being allowed back in the game, so I stopped watching, up until now.

    After following Survivor around on Wikipedia, I noticed that a season was still going (Worlds Apart) and I thought "hmm.... I might give this a shot", so I had a 4.5 hour Survivor marathon to catch myself up, and I love i…

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  • Tanglefrost

    Favourite survivors?

    March 30, 2015 by Tanglefrost

    Okay, here's a question for you lot:

    Who are your 16 favourite Survivor contestants? Let's pretend you've been given your own Survivor season to put only your favourites in: 

    Mine would be: (these are all from later seasons because I am too young to have watched the older ones)

    1. Chicken (because DAYUM) (China)

    2. Russell S (Samoa)

    3. Russel H.

    4. Lindsey (Worlds Apart)

    5. Frosti (China)

    6. Ken (Gabon)

    7. Matty (Gabon)

    8. Holly (I forget which season, oops)

    9. Brenda 

    10. Lydia (again I forget which season but she was AWESOME)

    11. Twaila (Vanuatu)

    12. Shane (Panama)- probably one of my favourite contestants

    13. Bruce (Panama)- poor guy deserves another chance. :P

    14. Rob C (season I forget)

    15. Brandon- it'll be interesting to see him compete against his …

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