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Everybody is so pandaing mad at this whole reunion thing, about the non-jury members did not get to sit on stage. I really wish they could have, but I really like the interview with Rudy. Not so much Rob, he failed in two of his seasons not sure why Phillip calls him the greatest castaway ever. Anyway, I think it would be cool instead of fitting in so much stuff have the reunion last 2 hours. Then they'd have more room for the other people. 

About the reunion (non-ranting), I am SO glad Brenda almost won the Fan Favorite Award!! That just shows that even if CBS has a terrible edit on someone, we will still stick to our favorites!! I really do like Malcolm, but I think the main reason he won is because he had a lot of camera time in the last few episodes he was in. I was surprised they never talked to Shamar or Corinne because they talked a lot in this season. I loved Corinne's tubby lunchbox comment on Phillip. :)  And the interview with Rudy was hilarious!!! If he wasn't as old as he is, I would really wish he could come back.

I AM EXCITED ABOUT BLOOD VS WATER!!! Although the name is weird. And it will probably be a lot of crying and very predictable if it was family vs favorites. More returning castaways?? I hope they bring back Michelle (Fiji), Peih-Gee, Taj (even though she declined for HvV), and maybe even Troyzan. (One World needs some returning players!)

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