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    Yeah, I know that this has been done heaps of times. But I had an idea for another all-star season, where the tribes are made by how the person was eliminated. There are only one and two time players. Here it is!


    Soliantu is made up of contestants that didn't have luck on their side. 

    Enil Edam is made up of contestants that were eliminated directly by a hidden immunity idol.

    Ulong is made up of contestants that had the potential to go far, but didn't, becuase their tribe were Ulonged.

    Pagong is made up of contestants that were the victims of a pagonging.

    Contestant Original Tribe Absorbed Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Votes
    width="10%" Pete Yurkowski
    26, Holmdel, NJ

    width="10%" Ashley Trainer
    27, Maple Grove, MN
    width="10%" James Miller…

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