Last time, you guys voted for your most favorite 14 Survivor seasons. The votes are in! Only 14 advanced in this round. Now, you guys have to vote again to narrow it down to the TOP 8! I also want to say thank you for all the support and all of your votes. I appreciate it!

  1. Qualifications (Red)

Here are the results from the last round. The Green cell means that the Season advanced in this round.

Season Total Votes 
Survivor: Cook Islands  25
Survivor: Thailand 1
Survivor: Caramoan 19
Survivor: Samoa 7
Survivor: The Australian Outback 21
Survivor: Fiji 6
Survivor: Micronesia 21
Survivor: Panama 5
Survivor: Borneo 16
Survivor: Guatemala 11
Survivor: Nicaragua 5
Survivor: Tocantins 21
Survivor: Palau 8
Survivor: Philippines 18
Survivor: Africa  9
Survivor: The Amazon 18
Survivor: Pearl Islands 7
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains 18
Survivor: Redemption Island 11
Survivor: Marquesas 16
Survivor: One World 10
Survivor: South Pacific 17
Survivor: All Stars 15
Survivor: Vanuatu 12
Survivor: Gabon 11
Survivor: China 16

Here are the Qualification face-off's for this round.

Qualification Face Off # 1
Survivor: Cook Islands 
Survivor: Caramoan

Qualification Face Off # 2
Survivor: The Australian Outback 
Survivor: Micronesia

Qualification Face Off # 3
Survivor: Borneo
Survivor: Tocantins

Qualification Face Off # 4
Survivor: Philippines 
Survivor: The Amazon

Qualification Face Off # 5
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains
Survivor: Marquesas

Qualification Face Off # 6
Survivor: South Pacific
Survivor: All Stars

Qualification Face Off # 7
Survivor: Vanuatu
Survivor: China

 Only 8 Seasons will move on to the Quarter Finals! Begin Voting!