For years in Survivor History, several fans have asked this question over and over again, "Which is the greatest Survivor Season of all time?" Now, that question will be finally answered. This is Survivor Greatest Season Tournament! You, the fans will decide the ultimate winner! First of all we will start with the Preliminaries (the color black). In the comments section below, comment on who you want to win in the each face of for example or face off 1, I like Survivor: Cook Islands better so I will write:

Face Off # 1 - Survivor: Cook Islands

Do this for all of the 14 face offs and decide who will move on in the Qualification round! Only 14 Seasons will move on!

Note: All Face-offs are randomly assigned by for complete fairness.

Face Off # 1
Survivor: Cook Islands 
Survivor: Thailand

Face Off # 2
Survivor: Caramoan
Survivor: Samoa

Face Off  # 3
Survivor: The Australian Outback
Survivor: Fiji

Face Off # 4
Survivor: Micronesia
Survivor: Panama

Face Off # 5
Survivor: Borneo
Survivor: Guatemala

Face Off # 6
Survivor: Cook Islands 
Survivor: Thailand

Face Off # 7
Survivor: Nicaragua 
Survivor: Tocantins

Face Off # 8
Survivor: Palau 
Survivor: Philippines

Face Off # 9
Survivor: Africa
Survivor: The Amazon

Face Off # 10
Survivor: Pearl Islands
Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains

Face Off # 11
Survivor: Redemption Island
Survivor: Marquesas

Face Off # 12
Survivor: One World
Survivor: South Pacific

Face Off # 13
Survivor: All Stars
Survivor: Vanuatu

Face Off # 14
Survivor: Gabon
Survivor: China