Hello people!

Well, I have created a new Survivor Online Reality Game. Everyone can apply. This is not a Wikia site. It is actually a proboards forum! People that failed to succeed in this wiki can, try on more time in my game. You will have your shot at redemption! First season starts as soon as I have 16 applicants.

Instructions to apply:

1. Visit this website:

2. After you have visited the website, it will tell you to either Register or Login. To enter the site, you have to register. It will tell you to enter you e-mail and choose a password. After that, you can follow the instructions to verify the e-mail.

3. After you successfully register and log-in, you will see the forum board site. You will see three categories: Tribal Council, Challenges, and General. Kindly go to General and select the Applications board. Then, please go to "Applications - Season 1" thread. Follow the instructions given there to apply!

4. You can also go to your Profile and edit it. You can also message other members! This will be very useful once the game begins. You can use this feature to discuss about the game. You can create alliances, talk, and etc...