Hey everybody, I'm new here and this is my first post. I've seen a lot of cast rankings and thought I would join in and give my opinions. Plus, I have a very creative name. So, what better way to start than with season 1? I have seen every single season with the exceptions of Survivor: Amazon and Survivor: Allstars.My cast rankings are based upon a mixture of likeability, strategy, and strength. If one completely overwhelms the others, then that will come into play.

  • S1 stacey t
    16: Stacey Stillman

Stacey did absolutely nothing for me. I didn't like her from the beginning and she just was dislikable. Plus, she tried to sue the show.

  • 15: B.B. Anderson
    S1 bb t

B.B. was an obvious leader from day one, volunteerin to build Pagong's shelter, but it was bad strategy to not rest and just keep working before challenges. Likeability? ok. Strength? ok. strategy? ok. However, he did ask to voted off.

  • 14: Sean Kenniff
    S1 sean t

Sean was dumb. Likeability? ok. Strength? pretty good. Strategy? TERRIBLE! He voted for contestants alphabetically, eventually causing Jenna's elimination ACCIDENTALLY. How did he make it as far as he did...

  • 13: Ramona Gray
    S1 ramona t

Ramona came into the game sick and tired, and sadly didn't show her true personality until it was too late. She gave an effort her last three days, but for the first nine, she did nothing.

S1 sonja t
  • 12: Sonja Christopher

Sonja was extremely likeable and seemed very kind, but sadly she was too old for the challenge. The fact that a sixty-three year old breast cancer survivor even came onto the show was truly amazing.

  • 11: Dirk
    S1 dirk t

Dirk didn't really do anything.

  • 10: Joel Klug
    S1 joel t

Joel was pretty likeable, very strong, and pretty smart. It was his sexist ways that got him and, and that was not smart.

  • 9: Greg Buis
    S1 greg t

Greg was very strong, winning the first two immunities, and his strength cost him in the end. But, he was a freak. I didn't find his personality humurous like others, and just found it obnoxious. So, liekability was bad. Strategy was okay.

S1 rudy t
S1 gervase t
  • 8: Rudy Boesch

Rudy was hilarious and very fun to watch, especially at the immunity challenge where he had to try and answer questions based off of the story Jeff told and went up to each station and just answered "I dunno" and trecked through the jungle to the next station. He really wasn't that strategic and just found a good alliance and really wasn't that strong, though he did win one immunity.

  • 7: Gervase Peterson

Gervase was just strange in an interesting way. Only he could get away with calling woman idiots. He was very strong and likeable, just wasn't great in smarts. At all.

S1 jenna t
*6: Jennna Lewis

  • Jenna was very likeable and had a heartfelt moment when her videos from home hadn't arrived. She was very smart and strong, also.

S1 susan t
  • 5: Sue Hawk

Despite what others think, I loved Sue! She told it as it was. I thought she was a great player, very strong, very smart, very strong willed, and although not to most, she was very liked by me. Her one down fall was not being able to keep her mouth shut.

  • 4: Colleen Haskell
    S1 colleen t

Colleen was funny, and very nice and likeable. She was pretty smart and decently strong, making her an all around good player. Her likeability is what got her this far on the list.

  • 3: Kelly Wigglesworth
    S1 kelly t

Kelly was very likeable. She was extremely strong and when it looked like she was next to go, she managed to win immunity four weeks in a row, along with a reward. She would be first, but her down fall was her smarts. She got on the wrong side of Sue, her first mistake and probably scariest mistake and moment of her life ever.

S1 richard t

  • 2: Richard Hatch

Rishard dominated the game strategically. He had it in his pocket. He won because of his smarts, since he was not likeable at all, running around naked and being lazy all day. He really bothered me but hey, he was smart. That is why he won and that is why he got second. The only different in my ranking and the show is that in my ranking, this time likeability wins over smarts in season one.

S1 gretchen t

  • 1: Gretchen Cordy

I could write a report on why I have Grtechen first, but I will sum it up in the next two sentences. Gretchen was very strong, very likeable, and very smart. She was an excellent leader, and that is the only reason she was voted out first at the merge.

Congrats Gretchen for making number one!