I have seen every single survivor season besides Survivor:Amazon and the majority of Survivor:All-Stars. So, I have a lot of opinions and would like to share them with everybody. Please feel free to give me feedback on what you think, because I enjoy reading other people's opinions as well. **Be sure to check out my first ever post and only other cast ranking, where I judge all the contestants from Survivor: Borneo. Thanks, and here are my rankings for Survivor: Samoa.

S19 ben t

20:Ben Browning

  • 20: Ben Browning

I remember ben being a complete annoying freak that kept waking everybody up every morning by using the machete. Sure he was strong, but was that really worth having him around? Nope. That is why he came in 17th.

S19 yasmin t

19: Yasmin Giles

  • 19:Yasmin Giles

Yasmin was very rude and complained about the outdoors. If she didn't like the outdoors then why did she go on Survivor? And when she went to the other camp and just started a fight with them that was really rude and showed her true personality. Buh-bye, Jasmin. She really wasn't missed by me and probably not by anybody else either.

S19 mike t

18:Mike Borassi

  • 18: Mike Borassi

Mike was pretty likeable but sadly was medically evacuated so we may have never gotten to see Mike at his best. Sorry, Mike, you seemed like a good guy but you left the game too early to truly get a good judgement in.

S19 marisa t

17: Marisa Calihan

  • 17: Marisa Calihan

Marisa seemed like a really cool person but because of Russel we never got to see much of her. I would have liked to see more of her, especially because she was willing to turn down Russel. Plus, she was Russel's first target, after all, and that deserves some recognition.

S19 ashley t

16: Ashley Trainer

The first of many, Marisa.

  • 16: Ashley Trainer

Ashley... Honestly, I don't remember much about her. I remember she was part of Russel's

S19 liz t

15: Liz Kim

alliance but wait a second... Why was she eliminated so early then! I don't remember, I just remember that I liked her. And hey, that's enough for me, because the people above eitherdid nothing at all, like Ashley, or I really disliked.

  • 15: Liz Kim
S19 dave t

14: Dave Ball

Once again, i know nothing about her. I just remembered that I liked her. The people near the top here are here because, well, i have to rank them somewhere.

  • 14: Dave Ball
S19 monica t

13: Monica Padilla

I really didn't like Dave. Why didn't Russel listen to Shambo and get him out earlier? He was odd and really had a creepy personality. That about sums it up.

  • 13: Monica Padilla

I just remember that the majority of the Galu tribe seemed full of themselves, and I

S19 kelly t

12: Kelly Sharbaugh

remembered Monica having that way about her. Glad you didn't win, Monica.

  • 12: Kelly Sharbaugh

Strangely, it seems like I remember the earliest people voted out more than the people that made it to the merge. If I remember correctly, she never really talked much while she was on and seemed pretty cool. But she never talked much. Or did much of anything...

S19 erik t

11: Erik Cardona

  • 11: Erik Cardona

Erik seemed arrogant and sort of bothered me. Like the Galu tribe mostly did, minus a couple of them. He was strong, though, which earned him eleventh. That's it.

S19 john t

10: John Fincher

  • 10: John Fincher

Correct me if i'm wrong, but i think I remember him flipping on his tribe when things looked bad. Pretty big move, which did cost him in the end. Haha... well he at least tried to do something huge, and that's more than some castaways can say they did while they were

S19 betsy t

9: Betsy Bolan

on Survivor.

  • 9: Betsy Bolan

I know, this is probably confusing to most of you. I will explain. Besty was a tough player, being a cop, and was able to read people. She read RUSSEL. On day 3! RUSSEL HANTZ! She was great, and Russel caused her early downfall.

S19 russells t

8: Russel Swan

  • 8: Russell Swan
    S19 laura t

    7: Laura Morett

Russel just bothered me. He was the tribe leader and showed off a little too much for me. I liked him the first couple of episodes but in the beginning of the episode he was injured, I was saying how he just bothered me so much and it was a shame that his tribe probably isn't going to vote him out. Then he was injured. Dont get me wrong here, I felt sorry for him but when he was taken out, that was... satisfying. Now, if he had died I wouldn't be saying this right now, but he is fine now. So leaderhsip and strength got him hear, likeability brought him down.

S19 mick t

6: Mick Trimming

  • 7: Laura Morett

Laura was strong physically and mentally, but had that Galu arrogance about her that just forces me to ignore her strength and put her lower in the ranking. Likeability lacks in my opinion.

S19 shambo t

5: Shannon "Shambo" Waters

  • 6: Mick Trimming
    S19 natalie t

    4: Natalie White

You know what, even sixth is stretching it out a little bit. He only made it here because I don't like most of the Galu people! He was strong in challenges, sure, but he did absolutely nothing 90% of the time! He was the tribe leader and you could hardly tell! He gave nothing mentally and likeability he was neither a hero or villain. He was like a shell of a person and mostly lacked personality the whole time, but hey, he won one immunity and was tribe leader so that is good enough in this season to get somebody that hardly did anything to sixth.

  • 5: Shambo Waters
    S19 jaison t

    3: Jaison Robinson

I really liked Shambo because she was nice and just started off on the wrong tribe. She may have gotten a little crazy near the end, but for the most part, she was smart, athletic, and very likeable.

  • 4: Natalie White
S19 brett t

2: Brett

Natalie may not have done much physically, but mentally she was Russel's right-hand woman from day one and was second in command. She was very smart and very likeable, but just not sole-survivor material in my opinion.

  • S19 russellh t

    1: Russel Hantz

    3: Jaison Robinson

Jaison was very likeable and strong. These two things are why he was the first of the Foa Foa Four to go when it came down to it. He won a couple of immunitys and rewards, so that is why he is ranked so high up.

  • 2: Brett Clouser

Brett was really likeable and won tons of challenges. It is a shame that he started on a dislikeable team. Oh well, he is my runner-up in Survivor: Samoa!

  • 1: Russell Hantz

Russel had the game in his pocket from day 1. He knew what he would do and how he would play it. I will be honest, I hated him. I wanted Natalie to crush him in the finale, and cheered when she won, but when I lookback and think about it, he really deserved it over her. He ran the show and it without him that season would have sunk. He really kept it interesting, and unlike Colton, who was just disgusting and made me sick to my stomache, people "loved to hate him".

Congrats to Russel for winning my Survivor: Samoa rankings! Please feel free to comment and say how you felt thi season should have gone and if you think i am crazy for how i rated this season. I plan on making a different season's cast rankings every other day. Let me know if you would like me to do a certain season next.