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  • Survivorfan1

    So, I plan on doing a new cast ranking every other day. I have seen every single season of survivor with the exception of the Amazon, and have gained many opinions on the castaways that I would like to share. I have currently created two cast rankings, one for season 1, Survivor:Borneo, and one for season 19, Survivor:Samoa. Next, I will rank Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains because this is the twentieth season that was made to celebrate the tenth anniversary. Be sure to comment on what your opinions are or to tell me which season I should do next.

    20: Sugar Kiper

    Sugar was one of my favorites in Gabon, but this season she didn't do a whole lot and didn't come across as a hero this time. I guess you could say it was because she was the first ki…

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  • Survivorfan1

    I have seen every single survivor season besides Survivor:Amazon and the majority of Survivor:All-Stars. So, I have a lot of opinions and would like to share them with everybody. Please feel free to give me feedback on what you think, because I enjoy reading other people's opinions as well. **Be sure to check out my first ever post and only other cast ranking, where I judge all the contestants from Survivor: Borneo. Thanks, and here are my rankings for Survivor: Samoa.

    • 20: Ben Browning

    I remember ben being a complete annoying freak that kept waking everybody up every morning by using the machete. Sure he was strong, but was that really worth having him around? Nope. That is why he came in 17th.

    • 19:Yasmin Giles

    Yasmin was very rude and complain…

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  • Survivorfan1

    Hey everybody, I'm new here and this is my first post. I've seen a lot of cast rankings and thought I would join in and give my opinions. Plus, I have a very creative name. So, what better way to start than with season 1? I have seen every single season with the exceptions of Survivor: Amazon and Survivor: Allstars.My cast rankings are based upon a mixture of likeability, strategy, and strength. If one completely overwhelms the others, then that will come into play.

    • 16: Stacey Stillman

    Stacey did absolutely nothing for me. I didn't like her from the beginning and she just was dislikable. Plus, she tried to sue the show.

    • 15: B.B. Anderson

    B.B. was an obvious leader from day one, volunteerin to build Pagong's shelter, but it was bad strategy to …

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