Hey guys! i would live to know your favorite seasons! i will list mine and why...

Ugh there are so many good ones...and a few bad ones but i will begin with number 5...

(Fiji(Yau-Man was King),Amazon(Christy was Queen),Africa(Kelly was the Goddess) and Guatemala(Rafe was amazing) were close behind)

5. Blood vs Water

Ever since Season 20, the seasons were honestly not that great. i thought redemption island was the worst twist ever! but in blood vs water, i seemed to like it! i liked majority of the people in the game was ok with the outcome. Challenges seemed cheasy and cheap but were still interesting. I was Team Tye Dye but they didnt go very far! The alliances,returnees were all great! (Except Colton)

4. Heroes vs Villians

A great cast! The heroes tribe consisted of my 2 favorite survivors of all time; Stephenie,Rupert and the best Cirie <3. The HvsV idea was a good one. The hidden immunity idols made a big impact on the season and the challenges were amazing, mostly because they all didnt suck to bad. The outcome of the season wasnt the best but it was full of drama and i hope to see a similar season to this.

3. Panama

The start of Cirie Fields!!!! Ever since the beginning, with the 4 tribe twist, i was excited. The Casaya team was amazing and i loved this season! It was Funny,Intense,Competitive,Drama-tized for many reasons. Shane stir up alot of trouble and i laughed at whatever Cirie did. Im watching it ASAP.

2. Pearl Islands

I dont feel like typing anymore, but this season to me was the season that the game actually started once they hit the shore. The old seasons worried about strength but this season was one of the most cutthroat seaosns of all! I loved the 3 way alliance of Christa,Rupert and Sandra. I loved Darrah and her constant immunity wins.

and of Course...


omg what a season! Now i was very young when this season was out but i watched it last year and loved it! makes me sad how survivor is growing up..aswell as the people...but this season went from A rock lover-jerky eater-mad dog singer-silent musician-chicken girl-fire lover-jeff the robbed one-finger wavin chick-man eater-invisible nick-the future winner-sweet country man-sweetheart-cook-challenge dominator-to sweet southern competive tina! But the challenges were amazing, the social and strategic aspects! And of course the enviorment was amazing! The floods, fights, tents, no food, everything! i Loved it and would love for the 16 of them to come and make another season!

i can say more but who has time for that!


(if u say caramoan or redemption island then leave)