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  • Survivorbbfreak

    Im in a big brother game and i need you guys help! please go to this link and vote Daniele! PLEASE!

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  • Survivorbbfreak

    Anyone else having trouble moving photos around on a page? It wont let me do it. I scroll over the photo and it wont let me move it. HELP!

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  • Survivorbbfreak

    Is anyone having trouble with the photos? If i try to move photos in a gallery, it wont move.

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  • Survivorbbfreak

    Hey guys! i would live to know your favorite seasons! i will list mine and why...

    Ugh there are so many good ones...and a few bad ones but i will begin with number 5...

    (Fiji(Yau-Man was King),Amazon(Christy was Queen),Africa(Kelly was the Goddess) and Guatemala(Rafe was amazing) were close behind)

    5. Blood vs Water

    Ever since Season 20, the seasons were honestly not that great. i thought redemption island was the worst twist ever! but in blood vs water, i seemed to like it! i liked majority of the people in the game was ok with the outcome. Challenges seemed cheasy and cheap but were still interesting. I was Team Tye Dye but they didnt go very far! The alliances,returnees were all great! (Except Colton)

    4. Heroes vs Villians

    A great cast! The h…

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  • Survivorbbfreak

    What are Your Favorite Moment(s) in Survivor Blood Vs Water?

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