When I came up with this list I made sure to include the seasons that were not represented the last time. For those of you who don't remember, Borneo, Africa, Thailand, The Amazon, Vanuatu, and Fiji did not have a representative in the first Heroes Vs Villains season. Then, after reviewing the gameplay of previous castaways, they just came to me.

  • Heroes
Castaway Season Explanation For Being Cast

S4 neleh t

Neleh Dennis

For me, the last heroine spot was a toss up. But I ultimately picked Neleh because she was very loyal and definitely played a clean game. I want to see how she would do on her own without Paschal by her side.
S8 jennam t

Jenna Morasca



It was a no-brainer to include Jenna in this list. She played very honorably in The Amazon and she even said so herself. She would not sacrifice her integrity to win. I would definitely like to see her play again, because she deserves another chance after her abrupt exit from All-Stars.
S10 ian t

Ian Rosenberger

I saw his action of giving up the chance to go to the Final 2 to preserve his friendship with Tom and Katie as very heroic. He should really play again. I want to see what he can do on his own.
S12 terry t

Terry Deitz

Exile Island
Being the very last La Mina member by outlasting the rest of his tribemates and even some of the Casaya memebers is quite amazing. He fought and fought to get to the Final 3 with his challenge dominance, but just fell short of the million dollars. How has he not been on another season yet?
S16 yauman t

Yau-Man Chan



Without question, the most popular castaway to come out of Survivor Fiji. Played a great game that season. I think he needs the chance to redeem himself after being betrayed by Dreamz with not giving him immunity.
S19 brett t

Brett Clouser

The last Galu member standing. He went on quite the immunity run, but just fell short of probably winning Survivor Samoa.
S26 brenda t

Brenda Lowe



After pleading her allegiance and developing a real close relationship with Dawn in Caramoan, she was stabbed in the back for being viewed as a jury threat. I really want her to play for a third time and see if she can make it all the way.
S21 jane t

Jane Bright

Very likeable in this game, thus resulting in her winning Sprint Player of the Season. I'd like to see her get another chance after being blindsided by her closest ally, Chase. In addition, no one from the original Espada had returned for a future season.
S25 denise t

Denise Stapley

The only castaway to go to every single Tribal Council and went on to win Survivor Philippines for her great strategic gameplay. I'd like to see if she can survive another round.
S26 malcolm t

Malcolm Freberg



One of the most popular to ever play. Liked by a lot of people. Always plays the game hard. Everyone would want to see him win so I say give him another chance.

  • Villains
Castaway Season Explanation For Being Cast
S8 richard t

Richard Hatch



The very first winner of Survivor and some say he did it best. The series' very first villain. With the game changed greatly over the years, why wouldn't you want to see him play Survivor today?
S3 frank t

Frank Garrison

His militaristic leadership style rubbed his tribemates the wrong way. I saw him as a villain from that season. Plus, no one from the original Samburu has returned for future season so why not? 
S5 clay t

Clay Jordan

If production won't have Brian back, then maybe they'll bring back Clay. Very direct and very condescending. He's for sure a villain. Also, no one from Chuay Gahn has returned for a future season.
S9 twila t

Twila Tanner

Very cutthroat and her actions were done with the intention to win the game. She betrayed the guys by joining the girls to vote out Rory right after the merge after saying that she would vote with them. She also made a big move by betraying the ladies in voting out LeAnn. That's a villain.
S11 jamie t

Jamie Newton

I could have gone with Judd Sergeant, but I put Jamie's name down to add some strength to the Villains tribe. His constant state of paranoia pissed off his tribemates, which ultimately led to his blindside. Plus, he was very disrespectful during his time in the game especially to Bobby Jon and the opposing tribe. Also note that there has not been an original castaway from Survivor Guatemala to return for a future season.
S14 dreamz t

Dreamz Herd

I would consider Dreamz a villain because of his flip-flopping and betrayals. He turned on the Four Horsemen Alliance, which ultimately led to their demise and on Yau-Man, which cost him a million dollars. Plus, I think it would be interesting to see a Dreamz/Yau-Man faceoff if they both make the merge. In addition, no one from the original Moto has returned for a future season.
S16 natalie t

Natalie Bolton

Part of the infamous Black Widow Brigade which took part in many, many blindsides. She ultimately convinced Erik Reichenbach to give up immunity to her and blinsided him right there and then.
S23 sophie t

Sophie Clarke

South Pacific
Very blunt and hard to know during her time in the game, therefore resulting in being despised by the members of Savaii. She ultimately won Survivor South Pacific with her great strategic gameplay. I'd like to see what she can do on her own the second time around.
S24 kim t

Kim Spradlin

One World
In my opinion, she's not my ideal villain but I think everyone else would see her that way. Challenge threat and great strategist. She betrayed people left and right to advance her game by playing with her head and not her heart and was ultimately awarded the million dollars for her great gameplay. I want to see if she can bring the same focus and tenacity a second time.
S25 abimaria t

Abi-Maria Gomes

Considered the most disliked person on the tribe due to her spicy personality and getting on everyone's nerves. She's definitely a villain.

So that's my cast list for a second Heroes Vs Villains. Thoughts? Maybe tell me who you'd want to see and any changes you would make.