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Survivor Challenge: Who Would You Pick As The Sole Representative From Each Season- Part 1

I recently just thought of this and I felt like this might be fun to execute. I am going to ask everyone to tell me who you think should be the sole representative from each season of Survivor. I know that multiple people have come back to play again from most seasons, but if you had to pick just one to return for a future season, who would it be and why? I'll do this in multiples of six, minus All-Stars and Heroes Vs Villains so that we're left with twenty-four. Also for the seasons with the one returnee format, pick the newbie most deserving of your vote. Same case for Fans Vs Favorites; pick the fan who you would most want to see back. So let's start with the first six:

  • Survivor: Borneo
  • Survivor: The Australian Outback
  • Survivor: Africa
  • Survivor: Marquesas
  • Survivor: Thailand
  • Survivor: The Amazon

Who would be your choice to be the sole representative of their respective season and why?

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