Welcome to Day 9 of Survivor: Wikia. Yesterday you were assigned to new tribes and a new challenge was issued. You had to make an insignia and send it to me and whoever created the best would win.

1st place goes to:

Bimmaahchiia insignia

and 2nd place goes to:

Hisshe Insigina

Congradulations, Shúa you now have to vote someone out of the tribe. You will have until 2:30 EST (19:00 UTC). The surviving members will be distribited to Bimmaáhchiia and Hísshe.

Since the results are in early, I will read them.

First vote...Cloveismywife

Second Vote...Ometepe03

The 3rd Person Voted Out and the 1st Member of the Jury (Due to Mad Russell's ban)...Cloveismywife.

Now Ometepe03 will go to Hísshe, and Alik99 will go to Bimmaáhchiia. Shúa is now dissolved. Make the best of your places.