Hi and welcome to Day 6 of Survivor: Wikia. Yesterday I assigned part 2 of the challenge. After Shúa won part one of the challenge, they recieved a bonus in part 2. Everyone had to send in an answer to the trivia jury question. The results are in.

Shúa got an average of 14
Hísshe got a average of 13.25.

So that means that Shúa wins again. Hísshe you now have to vote out another member from your tribe. You have until 2:30 EST (19:30 UTC) Tuesday the 4th to send in your votes. Thanks and congrads.

Since all the votes are  in early I will reveal them.

First vote...Mad Russell

Second vote...Alik99

Third Vote...Mad Russell

2nd Person Voted Out and The 1st Member of the Jury...Mad Russell