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Survivor: Wikia Day 5

Hi and welcome to Day 5 of Survivor: Wikia. Yesterday, I assigned a two-part challenge. Now I will reveal the results.

The amount per tribe was calcuated, by the amount of points divided by the tribe members if they participated or not.
Hísshe got 7 and Shúa got 8. Which means Shúa will get an advantage in part 2 (It will be revealed at the bottom).

Part two will be a tricker trivia challenge, it will involve a final 2 and a seven person jury. It will require to figure out home many times that someone has one with a vote.

  • 4-3
  • 5-2
  • 6-1
  • 7-0

The advantage is that Shúa receives that when the scores are sent, Shúa will have it's lowest score eliminated so it can have the highest scores possible. Answers need to be emailed by 2:30 EST (19:30 UTC) Monday the 3rd.

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