My Favourite ConWelcome to Day 25 of Survivor: Wikia.  Yesterday the finalists read the jury questions. Now its time for the finalists to answer the questions. Now jury members after you have read the responses you have a very important decison to make, who will be the Sole Survivor. I will then read the votes at another time, maybe tommorrow, maybe right before season 2 premere, we'll see. It might be a video or not. But jury members you will have to vote for you winner and votes are due at 7:00 PM (0:00 UTC)on Saturday, the longest time peroid ever because of the decison to be made. Now wikia you also get a chance to vote at the bottom there will be a poll, vote for who you want to win. You have the same deadline as the jury, you have taken the spot of User:Cloveismywife because he didn't participate in the Final Tribal Council and is not eligible to vote. Sorry. Good Luck to all as we enter this final day and thanks for this season and experiment.

First of all, congratulations to you final three for a good job to make it to the end.

I have a question to Henzzy: Ckarimalis said that in Tribal Council Day 15, your vote was not counted. But you said me, it was your vote, which send me home. So i need explanation and then tell me why it was better for you to continue with Ckarimalis instead of me, because i wanted to be with you in final four What i want to say to Ckarimalis: I think you played very great strategic, social and physical game. You allied with right people. So tell me why was your game better than NZMan's and Henzzy's and why you deserve my vote more then them.


Alik99, the reason I said I voted for you was because I did. My e-mail was caught in SurvivorHuey spam mail or something like that. So I wasn’t lying. It was better for me to continue the game with CKarimalis because I thought I could have made it further in the game with him, rather than you. No offence. Also we had been on the same tribe since day 1 and in an alliance since like day 2. So I kept my loyalty to CKarimalis and it worked out well for me.


Alik99: My game was better than NZ Man and Henzzy because I played the hardest. With the exclusion of the very first challenge, I made sure that I tried my best. I was able to win immunity for my tribe after the tribe split when it was just me and Henzzy by designing the elephant insignia. I created a great buff and I won final immunity. I wanted to make sure that I was sitting here at the end. The evidence is all here, I don't have any more to say.


Alik, (Not directed at me so not answering.)

–The Hickman

Congratulations you three, you played three really good games. NZ Man123, I had survived 3 tribal councils in a row. During my 4th tribal council you flipped, just because Gwaine gave you admin rights. I honestly don't think that's a good enough reason though, mainly because it's kind of like a bribe, but that's just me. Henzzy, I honestly don't think you will win, I think the majority will vote for Ckmarlis to win, but if you played the right cards, you would have voted off him when Alik was eliminated and then you would have had a better chance at winning. Ckmarlis, you played the best game out of anyone here, you were the top dog in this game and I respect that. But just because you won two individual immunity challenges, that doesn't mean I will vote for you to win. Now if anyone of you want to earn my vote, I think you will need prove a lot. To earn my vote I want to know, what do you think the biggest mistake you made in this timespan and you will need an awesome reason or else you can forget about my vote. Thank you. Now give me a fulcrum and a lever, and I shall move the Earth - Archamedes.


Ometepe03, Honestly I agree with you, I think it may be hard for me to win. But anything’s possible in the game of Survivor and I’m going to try because the odd might be against me but that doesn’t mean the odds are right. I think my biggest mistake in this game would be making alliances to early because I did have to vote out some people I made alliances with and that could be my downfall in this game. I know a lot of people are will think my biggest mistake was keeping CKarimalis over Alik, but I disagree. If I had of voted out CKarimalis I most likely would not be sitting here in the final 3. Therefor it was not my biggest mistake.


Ometepe03: I'm sorry, I am having a very hard time answering your question. As pompous as this sounds, I really feel like I played a flawless game. I didn't come off as a threat at the very beginning. When the 2 teams split to 3, I worked my ass off to win the challenges, and when we lost I made sure I stayed in the game. I protected myself at the merge. I made it to the end with my closest ally Henzzy. I guess my only mistake was not getting to know NZman. I could've built a strong friendship with him, but I didn't see it necessary. So that would be my mistake, not getting to know NZman.


Ometepe, First of all Gwaine was not a bribe that was a misunderstanding coming from a former Jury member. Would an admin bribe someone? That's just no. Also my biggest mistake was voting you out. I had tried hard to switch people over to help you out but as I've showed answering Blaine it was impossible. Another big mistake is that I was to wishy washy when voting out people. So many people I should have voted out including the man sitting next to me called Ck.

–The Hickman


Give me reasons why Ckarimalis and NZ Man123 don't deserve to win. In what ways were you better than them?

Ckarimalis: At the F5, you apparently wanted to target NZ Man because you thought he was a Jury threat. However when you got the chance to eliminate him, you instead choose to vote me out. Why? And what were your true intentions after the merge?

NZ Man123: In the words of Jeff Kent, were you the person that "made things happen, watched things happen, or wondered what the hell just happened"?


Blaine7275, I’ll start with CKarimalis, A reason I deserve to win more is because I influenced his vote, I didn’t control it so to speak but usually If I told him who to vote for, he would say I want someone else gone, but when I told him why we should not vote for that person, he gave up and agreed with me. If he had convinced me to vote out who he wanted, he would have been in control of this game. NZ Man, he made alliances with everyone pretty much. It appeared like he betrayed and backstabbed on multiple times. Mad Russell, Ometepe and Gwaine were all backstabed by him. I know that you need to backstab and betray in this game but maybe he did it too much.

I think I played the game better because I made big moves, like eliminating Blaine because if I did not, I would have been eliminated when he was. And I kept my loyalty to my 2 main ally’s for 24 days and in the game of survivor, to stay loyal to 2 people for 24 is a big achievement.


Blaine7275: My true intentions the day we merged was to keep our Shua alliance alive. I wanted NZman to be the first out, then a battle at the final four. Then I was tipped off by Henzzy that my name was mentioned. I did not believe him at first, so I went snooping around for myself. I went to Gwaine's wiki page for survivor, he had links to the merlin wikia and Hey Arnold Wiki. I used those links to go to the message walls of those wikis. Sure enough, I found a random wikia and on that wall you and Gwaine had been chatting. Gwaine mentioned eliminating me next because I was a threat. That was all I needed as proof that you were against me. So at the merge my first intentions were to vote off NZ, but when I won the first individual immunity I knew I had to get rid of Gwaine and then you next. (I will upload my photographic evidence to support me in the comments section of the Day 24 blog).


Blaine, I was actually a combination of all of them. I made Ometepe's elimination and Mad Russell's Elimination as well as Gwaine's. I also made me survive by not being a challenge threat so people wouldn't vote me out. I watched you get eliminated which was a load off my chest. I wondered what the hell just happened when I saw Alik get voted out as well. I also wondered what the hell happened when I found you and Gwaines secret alliance. Yeah I knew about this

–The Hickman

My question is to all.

Why shouldn't I vote for one of the other two finalists?

That is it, the question is to all three.

–Ḡwẵine Ḹٍٍkƨ Ĺiĸe Ͼềлȑềd

Ḡwẵine Ḹٍٍkƨ Ĺiĸe Ͼềлȑềd, the number 1 reason you shouldn't vote for them is because they didn't organize your boot. . . I know that might seem like a strange reason but, I do feel, that as the man you are, you respect this game and you respect the big hard fought, risky moves that you see contestants do on the show and your elimination was all of those, that's why I feel I deserve your vote.


Ḡwẵine Ḹٍٍkƨ Ĺiĸe Ͼềлȑềd: You should not vote for Henzzy because he did not step on other's toes. He made me do most of the dirty work. Alik99 and I deadlocked on Day 15 because his vote was "sent to the spam folder". Whether that is true or not is beyond me, but he didn't actually vote out Alik99 (or me had I been eliminated then). And winning final immunity I was the one who had to vote Blaine, I was the only one to cast that vote and yes, though I did intend to vote for him, it still looked worse on my part than Henzzy's. You should not vote for NZ because I don't think he played his hardest. Sure, he made it to the end which is difficult, but the odds aren't in his favor. I am not sure if NZ had the time or resources to play harder, but he could've found a way to win for his tribe in the early game and keep a strong alliance alive.


Gwaine, Your one is simple. Ck had the easy time getting here. His team only lost once and he didn't have to struggle to get here. I've had to plot and scheme. Henzzy and Ck have had to just sit back and relax while watching everyone else fall. Ck has only had to vote out 3 people overall. No skill involved in that. Meanwhile my friend Henzzy didn't play the game until the merge. Meanwhile I've had to play this entire game for the whole game only getting to rest twice. That is why I deserve to win instead of ANYONE else.

–The Hickman