Hi everyone and welcome to Day 24 of Survivor: Wikia. Today the finalists will hear the jury's questions. Cloveismywife did not send a question, so if he doesn't vote for the winner, the wikia will inplace of his vote. Finalist you will need to send your answers by 2:30 EST (19:30 UTC). When you answer each question, please start with the person's name then comma and then your answer. So I can tell which answer goes to each question. Thanks.

First of all, congratulations to you final three for a good job to make it to the end.

I have a question to Henzzy: Ckarimalis said that in Tribal Council Day 15, your vote was not counted. But you said me, it was your vote, which send me home. So i need explanation and then tell me why it was better for you to continue with Ckarimalis instead of me, because i wanted to be with you in final four What i want to say to Ckarimalis: I think you played very great strategic, social and physical game. You allied with right people. So tell me why was your game better than NZMan's and Henzzy's and why you deserve my vote more then them.


Congratulations you three, you played three really good games. NZ Man123, I had survived 3 tribal councils in a row. During my 4th tribal council you flipped, just because Gwaine gave you admin rights. I honestly don't think that's a good enough reason though, mainly because it's kind of like a bribe, but that's just me. Henzzy, I honestly don't think you will win, I think the majority will vote for Ckmarlis to win, but if you played the right cards, you would have voted off him when Alik was eliminated and then you would have had a better chance at winning. Ckmarlis, you played the best game out of anyone here, you were the top dog in this game and I respect that. But just because you won two individual immunity challenges, that doesn't mean I will vote for you to win. Now if anyone of you want to earn my vote, I think you will need prove a lot. To earn my vote I want to know, what do you think the biggest mistake you made in this timespan and you will need an awesome reason or else you can forget about my vote. Thank you. Now give me a fulcrum and a lever, and I shall move the Earth - Archamedes.



Give me reasons why Ckarimalis and NZ Man123 don't deserve to win. In what ways were you better than them?

Ckarimalis: At the F5, you apparently wanted to target NZ Man because you thought he was a Jury threat. However when you got the chance to eliminate him, you instead choose to vote me out. Why? And what were your true intentions after the merge?

NZ Man123: In the words of Jeff Kent, were you the person that "made things happen, watched things happen, or wondered what the hell just happened"?


My question is to all.

Why shouldn't I vote for one of the other two finalists?

That is it, the question is to all three.

–Ḡwẵine Ḹٍٍkƨ Ĺiĸe Ͼềлȑềd