Welcome to Day 23 of Survivor: Wikia. Yesterday the Final Three sent in their opening statements. Here they are.

I believe in this game there are 3 aspects that you need to master to become a deserving ‘Sole Survivor’. These aspects are, playing a strategic game, preforming well in the challenges and most importantly, the social game. I honestly feel like I mastered all three of those elements of the game. Strategically I was always thinking of ways I could make it further in the game, and I had to blindside some people because if I had gone to the final 3 with them, they would have beaten me. In the challenges, I think I preformed pretty well, I went 14 days without visiting a tribal council. And in the social game, I feel as though I have more ‘Wiki friends’ after this competition than I did before. I feel as though I have mastered all 3 aspect of this game and I am a worthy candidate for the title of Sole Survivor. I would also like to add that I have had to fight to get here, because people have been trying to get me out since day 1, so I had to convince people to keep me in the game over those people. Thanks :).


Hi everyone, I am very excited to be here. I think I am a very deserving winner because I was loyal to my alliance with Henzzy, I trusted my instincts about certain players and I was a strong challenge competitor. I helped win many team challenges and I won both the individual immunity challenges. Of every tribal council I attended, I was only up for elimination once, and that was because my partner Henzzy's vote was not counted by the host. Thanks, I firmly believe I outwit, outplayed and obviously outlasted you all.


Well here I am. The final 3. Now my fate lies in YOUR hands. I am pretty sure that most of you think I didn't play this game. Well take a look, The FINAL Hisshe member left in the game.

I survived two challenge loses in a row. I survived being on a team with two former Shua members. I survived the possibility of a tie when Ometepe joined the New Hisshe. I went into the merge going into it with 4 former Shua members. I may not have played an excellent physical game but if you look at the voting chart and the game chart that I have Outwitted, Outplayed and Outlasted all of you sitting in front of me now. So, no matter how hard your feelings are, vote me to win Survivor: Wikia.

–NZ Man123

Now the five jury members its your turn to ask a question to the finalists. Your questions are due at 2:30 EST (19:30 UTC).