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Survivor: Wikia Day 20

Welcome finalsts to Survivor: Wikia Day 20. Yesterday in Part 1 of the Final Immunity Challenge, NZ Man123 was eliminated. Now the other three will face Part 2, math problems.

In order to stay in, you must correctly answer these problems, if there is a tie...the person who submits first will stay in. Tommorrow the final two left will take on Part 3 that has a twist...Good Luck. Problems are due 2:30 EST (19:30 UTC) Monday.

1. 52 x 23

2. 2² + 6

3. Mary lives in an apartment building. There are 3 levels above her and 2 levels below her. How many levels are there in the building?

4. Find 3 different ways to fill in the blanks. Do not use zeros.
(You may use same number more than once)

6 = __ + __ + __
6 = __ + __ + __
6 = __ + __ + __

5. To make a flag of the United State of America, you need 3 different colors of fabric. How many colors of fabric do you need to make 14 USA flags?

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