Welcome Final Four to your Final Immunity Challenge. Do your best because this challenge may cost you the game.

It will be in three parts:

  • Luck
  • Math
  • Words

After each round, someone will be eliminated that has the worst answer. In part three, whoever submits the correct answer wins.

Today's will feature Luck.
I played basketball, you must guess my basketball # that I had.

Answers are due 12:00 EST (17:00 UTC) Sunday. Good Luck

Now its time for the answers.

This is the order I have recieved them.

  • ckarimalis 33
  • Henzzy-22
  • Blaine7275-18
  • NZ Man 123-11

And my number is...32

NZ Man is the furthest away is eliminated from the challenge. The other three will move onto Part 2 of the challenge, that will be released at in 2 hours on Day 20.