If anyone needs to see what tribe they are on, check User_blog:SurvivorHuey/Survivor:_Wikia. Thanks, anymore questions please ask or message me. Now you have signed up and agreed to play this game, its about to begin. You will now have to visit the wiki everyday to continue playing this game. If you do not participate or do not visit the wiki in 3 days you will be disqualified.

One question is how to vote, you will send your vote to with the subject: Tribal Council Day_ (Username). When there is a challenge you will do the same but with the subject: Challenge Day_ (username). This will make it easier the find the information needed for this game.

Each challenge will follow a different format. It might be pictures, trivia, or whatever is thought of.

Since today starts the game, your first challenge is now, make a tribeflag for your team. I will judge the flags and ask someone to pick the best and whoever has the best shall win immunity. Flags are due in e-mail is 2:30pm EST (19:30 UTC) on FRIDAY the 30th.