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Episode 12 - Predictions and Hopes

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Power Rankings:

  1. Sierra: She is playing both sides and is seemingly safe for the week.
  2. Carolyn: No one seems to be gunning for her, and while the Super Six alliance crumbles, she is just fighting her way to the jury against Dan and Will.
  3. Will: While he has ticked off people, with Shirin gone and Rodney, Tyler, Dan, and Mike locked in full Survivor Warfare, he is safe for the week.
  4. Dan: Though Dan is an idiot, everyone will be keeping him around for the jury. I hope to see him pass through.
  5. Tyler: He should be #6, but based on the preview, Rodney is putting himself in a tough spot.
  6. Rodney: Though he wants out, the Super Six would be stupid to take out Mike if he loses.
  7. Mike: Sorry, Mike. You fought hard, but it ends here.



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