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Survivor: Micronesia Casting

I've done All-Stars. I've also done Heroes vs. Villains like some of you wanted. And now... I'm doing the first FvF. The producers originally had plans for Micronesia to be a second All-Stars. They picked 20 people with 10 of each gender.

10 Male All-Stars

  1. Jonny Fairplay
  2. Yau-Man Chan
  3. James Clement
  4. Jonathan Penner
  5. Ozzy Lusth
  6. Richard Hatch
  7. Tom Westman
  8. Shane Powers
  9. Terry Deitz
  10. Yul Kwon

10 Female All-Stars

  1. Parvati Shallow
  2. Cirie Fields
  3. Amanda Kimmel
  4. Eliza Orlins
  5. Ami Cusack
  6. Sandra Diaz-Twine
  7. Courtney Yates
  8. Twila Tanner
  9. Colleen Haskell
  10. Candice Woodcock

The Change

Then the All-Stars 2 idea was scrapped and producers instead wanted to have 10 fan favorites face 10 fans of Survivor. The following "All-Stars" became back-ups.

  1. Shane Powers
  2. Terry Deitz
  3. Yul Kwon
  4. James Clement
  5. Jonathan Penner
  6. Candice Woodcock
  7. Colleen Haskell
  8. Twila Tanner
  9. Amanda Kimmel
  10. Parvati Shallow

The Planned Favorites

  1. Richard Hatch
  2. Tom Westman
  3. Jonny Fairplay
  4. Yau-Man Chan
  5. Ozzy Lusth
  6. Sandra Diaz-Twine
  7. Courtney Yates
  8. Cirie Fields
  9. Eliza Orlins
  10. Ami Cusack

Decliners, Replacements, and Cuts! Oh My!

Tom Westman and Courtney Yates declined the opportunity to play again, leaving 8 favorites. Richard Hatch ultimately could not make it after being arrested. Finally, Sandra Diaz-Twine was cut at the last minute from the cast. Jonathan replaced Richard, James replaced Tom, Parvati replaced Courtney, and Amanda replaced Sandra.

Final Cut

  1. Jonny Fairplay
  2. Jonathan Penner
  3. Ozzy Lusth
  4. Yau-Man Chan
  5. James Clement
  6. Eliza Orlins
  7. Ami Cusack
  8. Cirie Fields
  9. Parvati Shallow
  10. Amanda Kimmel