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My Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains 2 Cast

Sunsummer7 February 6, 2014 User blog:Sunsummer7

Hello guys! After pondering about Survivor 30, I came down to HvV 2 as the most likely possibility. Who would I have cast? And who would be most likely to compete? All this on this blog post. 

Heroes 2.0

Malcolm Freberg (Philippines and Caramoan)

Lisa Whelchel (Philippines)

Aras Baskauskas (Panama and Blood vs. Water)

Vytas Baskauskas (Blood vs. Water)

Hayden Moss (Blood vs. Water)

Holly Hoffman (Nicaragua)

Reynold Toepfer (Caramoan)

Natalie White (Samoa)

Jane Bright (Nicaragua)

Brenda Lowe (Nicaragua and Caramoan)

Villains 2.0

Abi-Maria Gomes (Philippines)

Peter Yurkowski (Philippines)

Phillip Sheppard (Redemption Island and Caramoan)

Ciera Eastin (Blood vs. Water)

Brad Culpepper (Blood vs. Water)

Shane Powers (Panama)

Natalie Bolton (Micronesia)

Corinne Kaplan (Gabon and Caramoan)

Jonathan Penner (Cook IslandsMicronesia, and Philippines)

Kim Spradlin (One World)

There you guys go. Your turn, who do you think would be back for HvV 2 if it happens?

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