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My HvV 2 Picks

Sunsummer7 January 17, 2013 User blog:Sunsummer7


  1. Malcolm Freberg
  2. Brandon Hantz
  3. John Cochran
  4. Fabio Birza
  5. Erik Reichenbach
  6. Shambo Waters
  7. Dawn Meehan
  8. Lisa Whelchel
  9. Denise Stapley
  10. Kim Spradlin


  1. Richard Hatch
  2. Jonny Fairplay
  3. Pete Yurkowski
  4. Colton Cumbie
  5. Phillip Sheppard
  6. Abi-Maria Gomes
  7. Corinne Kaplan
  8. Brenda Lowe
  9. NaOnka Mixon
  10. Alicia Rosa

Borneo: Richard Hatch

Pearl Islands: Jonny Fairplay

Micronesia: Erik Reichenbach

Gabon: Corinne Kaplan

Samoa: Shambo Waters

Nicaragua: Fabio Birza, NaOnka Mixon, Brenda Lowe

Redemption Island: Phillip Sheppard

South Pacific: John Cochran, Brandon Hantz, Dawn Meehan

One World: Colton Cumbie, Alicia Rosa, Kim Spradlin

Philippines: Abi-Maria Gomes, Pete Yurkowski, Malcolm Freberg, Denise Stapley, Lisa Whelchel

And that's my list. :)

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