So, I chose the 32 past castaways I believe should also have been on or atleast considered for Survivor: Cambodia. I chose 16 women and 16 men, and you will vote for ten women and 10 men you would like to see back out of whom I picked. Get to voting in the comments because idk how to make a poll where a user can vote for multiple options crai

Which males deserve a second chance?

Greg Buis (S1)

Ryan Orpay (S7)

Ian Rosenberger (S10)

Brian Corridan (S11)

Judd Sergeant (S11)

Ken Hoang (S17)

Matty Whitmore (S17)

Brett Clouser (S19)

Marty Piombo (S21)

Tarzan Smith (S24)

Pete Yurkowski (S25)

Eddie Fox (S26)

John Cody (S27)

Brice Johnston (S28)

LJ McKansas (S28)

Rodney Laviore Jr. (S30)

Which females deserve a second chance?

Neleh Dennis (S4)

Helen Glover (S5)

Heidi Strobel (S6)

Cindy Hall (S11)

Courtney Marit (S12)

Jaime Dugan (S15)

Natalie Bolton (S16)

Crystal Cox (S17)

Taj Johnson George (S18)

J'tia Taylor (S28)

Alexis Maxwell (S28)

Morgan McLeod (S28)

Trish Hegarty (S28)

Baylor Wilson (S29)

Jaclyn Shultz (S29)

Jenn Brown (S30)

Honorable Mentions: 

Laura Alexander Erinn Lobdell Marcus Leehman Reynold Toepher Hali Ford Jon Misch Dale Wentworth Amy O Hara So Kim Jason Siska Michelle Yi Jenny Guzon Bae Darrah Johnson Silas Gaither Lindsey Ritcher Aaron Reisberger Joel Klug Chase Rice Chelsea Meissner Missy Payne Sarah Lacina Dave Ball Katie Collins Alina Wilson