So, this will be the first of my weekly blogs. I want to go over what could be a blossoming rivalry between the Culpepper family and the Peterson duo. As we all saw in episode 1, Brad Culpepper and Marissa Peterson hit it off wrong right away on day 1 when Brad suggested he might throw a reward challenge to make his wife more comfortable. Marissa immediately responded negatively to this, making Brad wary of her right off the bat. This caused him to hustle at camp to form a tight broliance of five, and he proceeded to orchestrate the blindside of Marissa Peterson.

At the challenge,Gervase Peterson competed poorly, but the gloated when his tribe won, quite over dramatically if I might add. This also put reasoning in Brad to want to target Gervase's niece.

We learned in One World that Monica Culpepper did not want to deal with a certain type of people, and she prefers the mellow, more serious type people to the dramatic and lazy people. Knowing this and knowing Gervase, I feel it might cause friction between Monica and him. Then you go back to Marissa getting voted out, and you don't know what Gervase will react like. I see it causing more heat between the Culpepper family and the Peterson family than there already is. If these four can last till the merge, we could possibly see a tense rivalry form.

So there was week one blog. Any ideas for week two, which will come out on Thursday morning?