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Cagayan Christmas Tree

Sorry I didn't do my recap blog last week, but here's this week's. The title quotation, for those of you who missed it, was by Spencer, alluding the potential (later actual) blindside of LJ to Christmas. Tony and Woo gave the minorities just the boost they needed to take out LJ, totally ruining the vote-splitting. In my own thoughts, that wouldn't have been a really good move to boost his standings with Tony. Anyway, I was totally shocked about it. I didn't even realize what had happened until Jeff said, "You need to bring me your torch." I was like, "Whoa! What just happened here? How should I react?" Well, let's see if this comes back to haunt Tony in Sitting in My Spy Shack, always at 8/7 central on CBS Wednesday nights. Why do I always do these advertisements in the end of my blogs? I don't know, but what the hey!

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