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    First off, I don't really think they'll do a Heroes vs. Villains II. The first time around was a special occasion (10th year anniversary) and it sort of limits choices of returning players to those who played Heroically or not and not necessarily fan favourites or good  players. Eg, where would Sophie, Kim or Denise slot in?

    Here goes! Here are my picks for a Heroes vs. Villains 2 and the only real limit on people I chose was that there are NO players who have already played more than once. I also didn't care whether the player had been chosen for Caramoan.

    Player Tribe Previous Finish Reasons for Posting

    Abi-Maria Gomes


    13th Voted Out Day 36

    5th Place

    Survivor: Philippines

    Abi was abrasive and a loudmouth in her first season. She was arr…

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