Does anyone find it frustrating that we've had people like Malcolm and Andrea playing as hard as they can to get further in the game, and they come up short when there's someone left in the game *cough* EDDIE *cough* who doesn't care about the game at all, who's done nothing to try and keep him in the game, who jumped off an endurance challenge a minute into it for doughnuts when he could've been voted out. I don't care if someone's not the best strategist in the game, but he's not even trying!

I love blindsides like the one we had tonight. I love Andrea, but that was a great blindside, but what isn't great is when there are so few people left that are even making a solid attempt to play the game, we have Cochran, Dawn, and Brenda...but really what have the other 3 done in the past 10/12 days?

Does anyone else find this frustrating?