My friend Ian & I came up with an All-Star cast for the brains vs. beauty vs. brawn twist. This is our cast, the results of our season will be posted here!

While a lot of the people could fit into multiple categories we wanted to have people who could be well rounded as well, as that's the whole point of the twist for Survivor: Cagayan!

Only 1 & 2 time players were eligible to return.

(Aparri=Brawn, Luzon=Brain, Solana=Beauty)


Contestant Original Tribe Swapped Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Votes
70px Edna Ma
38, Los Angeles, CA
South Pacific
Luzon 1st Voted Out
Day 3
70px Marcus Lehman
34, Atlanta, GA
Luzon 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
70px Troyzan Robertson
52, Miami, FL
One World
Aparri 3rd Voted Out
Day 8
70px Crystal Cox
34, Durham, NC
Aparri 4th Voted Out
Day 11
70px Mikayla Wingle
24, Tampa, FL
South Pacific
Aparri Aparri 5th Voted Out
Day 14
70px Mike Chiesl
34, Del Mar, CA
Redemption Island
Aparri Aparri 6th Voted Out
Day 16
70px Pete Yurkowski
25, Holmdel, NJ
Aparri Aparri 7th Voted Out
Day 18
70px Jay Byars
27, Gaffney, SC
One World
Template:Tribeboxdark Template:Tribeboxdark Dangrayne 8th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 21
70px Brett Clouser
28, Los Angeles, CA
Template:Tribeboxdark Template:Tribeboxdark 9th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 24
70px Sophie Clarke
24, Wilsboro, NY
South Pacific
Luzon Aparri 10th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 27
70px Rob Cesternino
35, Los Angeles, CA
The Amazon, All-Stars
Luzon Template:Tribeboxdark 11th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 30
70px Amber Brkich
35, Beaver, PA
The Australian Outback, All-Stars
Template:Tribeboxdark Template:Tribeboxdark 12th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 33
70px Aras Baskauskas
32, Santa Monica, CA
Panama, Blood vs. Water
Template:Tribeboxdark Template:Tribeboxdark 13th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 36
70px Sydney Wheeler
29, Raleigh, NC
Template:Tribeboxdark Template:Tribeboxdark| 14th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 37
70px Ashley Underwood
28, Benton, ME
Redemption Island
Template:Tribeboxdark Template:Tribeboxdark 15th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 38
70px Marissa Peterson
21, Chapel Hill, NC
Blood vs. Water
Aparri Aparri Second Runner-Up
Day 39
70px Stephen Fishbach
34, New York, NY
Luzon Aparri Runner-Up
Day 39
70px Ciera Eastin
24, Salem, OR
Blood vs. Water
Luzon Template:Tribeboxdark Sole Survivor
Day 39

Episode Summaries

Episode 1 - Coming to You Live from Cagayan
3 Tribes of All-Stars arrive in Cagayan where they are divided into three tribes based on brains, beauty, and brawn. Each tribe arrives to their respective camp where they began creating shelter and camp life. At the first immunity challenge, Aparri crushed the competition as Solana trailed slowly behind, making Luzon finish in dead last.

Back at camp, Rob, Stephen, and Sophie formed an RHAP alliance. Stephen proposed bringing in Ciera as a fourth as he felt she was weak, and easy to control despite her strong showing on Blood vs. Water. While Rob & Sophie felt it was best to target Marcus because he would be a big threat down the road, they knew they needed his strength in challenges, and opted to target Edna instead. Meanwhile, Edna and Marcus bonded over their medical practice. Nervous about her experience with Sophie on South Pacific, Edna proposed to Ciera that she team up with her & Marcus to force a tie. Feeling torn, Ciera looked to her experience in Blood vs. Water, not wanting to be stuck as the fourth, but also not wanting to be stuck in the minority again.

At Tribal Council, Ciera opted to go with Sophie, Stephen, & Rob in order to stay in the majority and Edna was voted out 4-2.

Episode 2 - Triple Threat
Back at camp, Marcus realized he was on the outs of the Luzon tribe. Rob pulled Ciera aside and reassured her she made the right decision sticking with the RHAP alliance, and that they would look out for her in the future.

At the second immunity challenge, the newly elected tribe leader, Mike led his team to their second consecutive win. Meanwhile, Solana and Luzon battled it out for second place once again. In the end the collaboration of the Solana tribe earned them second place, sparing them from Tribal Council once again, sending Luzon to their second Tribal Council in a row.

Back at camp Marcus attempted to sway Rob, Stephen, & Sophie to work with him, pointing out that Ciera would be a liability in future challenges. After losing two challenges in a row, the RHAP alliance was forced to face the facts that while their biggest adversary was a threat down the road, he could be extremely resourceful to help advance themselves further, while Ciera was more of a hindrance. Meanwhile, Ciera pointed out that even with Marcus's help in the past two challenges they have been unable to win. Plus, Ciera pointed out that Marcus was a triple threat, and there would be a swap sooner than later.

In the end, the RHAP trio stayed true to their word with Ciera, and Marcus was voted out in a 4-1 vote.

Episode 3 - You're Not as Strong as You Look
Ciera thanked her alliance for staying loyal to her. Although she was spared, Ciera knew that she would be the next to her go if Luzon went to Tribal Council for the third time. She vowed to look for a crack in the RHAP alliance in hopes that she could further herself in the game when the time presented itself.

At the immunity challenge, Solana shocked everyone by coming out of the gate strong and hard, easily earning their third immunity win! And in a total blowout, Luzon quickly followed Solana's lead and earned their first immunity win, leaving Aparri in the dust. To which Aras jeered "You're Not as Strong as You Look" causing all of Solana & Luzon to laugh as Aparri dragged themselves back to their map.

An angry Troyzan fired back at Aras, and Crystal Cox was also clearly irritated by the previous winners cocky remark. While the comment ruffled some feathers Mike, Pete, Marissa, and Mikayla were more irritated by Troyzan and Crystal's outbursts.

Back at camp, Crystal refused to apologize for her emotion after losing, as did Troyzan. Marissa, who had grown close to fellow North Carolina resident Crystal, urged her for the sake of their alliance to apologize to the group. Realizing she was on the outs, Crystal compromised and promised Mike she would hold her emotions back in future competitions if he was gracious enough to keep her. Mikayla also supported keeping Crystal and eliminating Troyzan who seemed to be the clear outsider. However, Troyzan was out to get Mikayla because he felt she behaved to prissy around camp and had no team spirit. Troyzan's ridiculous choice in target and his outsider status caused him to be voted out at Aparri's first Tribal Council, 5-1!

Back at camp, the brawn tribe had to cope with their first loss.

Episode 4 - A Tale of Two Alliances
The Aparri tribe returned to camp more united than ever. Mike led the group and assured them that they would not return to Tribal Council a second time. The group put their hands together and chanted Aparri!

At the immunity challenge, Solana continued their dominance with their fourth straight immunity win, and Luzon continued their two challenge streak with another win, sending Aparri back to Tribal Council where they didn't want to be. Crystal was sure to bite her tongue this time, and instead exchanged a grin with Marissa, tonight they hoped to take control of Aparri.

At Solana, former winner Aras made a pact with his tribe to stick together if the tribes were shuffled next episode. He argued that they were six strong and even in they were to be split up, they'd be stronger together. After being burned by his tribe last time, Aras wanted to be extra cautious that his tribe was with him. Amber, a fellow winner, and Aras's closest ally quickly agreed. As did the rest of the tribe. However, in private Ashley, Brett, and Sydney confided in one another, that if they were given another opportunity they would be willing to betray Solana to get ahead.

Back at Aparri, Mikayla was stuck inbetween two strong alliances. Marissa and Crystal, who had been close from the start, and Pete and Mike who were the strongest members of the new Aparri tribe. Seeing herself as more of a tomboy, Mikayla was leaning towards siding with the guys. Pete, a fellow model from New Jersey, attempted to flirt with Mikayla in order to ensure she was on their side. Meanwhile, Crystal tried to appeal to Mikayla's more practical side. Marissa pointed out that last time Pete used Abi-Maria to get ahead, and she would be just the same to him. Crystal promised they would stick it out to the final three, as did mike and pete.

At Tribal Council, Mike & Pete voted for Crystal, while Marissa & Crystal attempted to overthrow Mike. In the end, Mikayla sided with the guys and Crystal was voted out 3-2.

Episode 5 - It's Complicated
Pete greeted Mikayla with a warm hug after Aparri returned from Tribal Council. Marissa rolled her eyes in disgust. She couldn't believe Mikayla threw her game away as well as Marissa's just so she could hook up. Marissa vowed she would have revenge on her tribe for taking out her closest friend and ally.

On Day 12, Jeff Probst announced that there would be a challenge. The last place team would be dissolved, and it's memebers would be divided amongst the two winning tribes. Excited, the teams took their positions. After a two time losing streak, Aparri finally regained their momentum and won the challenge, securing their tribe's survival. In typical fashion Solana avoided last place once again, thus meaning the Luzon tribe would be divided amongst the former Brawn and Beauty tribes.

Aparri had their first choice and chose Sophie to join their team. Solana was torn between Rob & Ciera. While Aras felt Rob would be a good addition to the team, Brett selfishly hoped to gain an ally in Ciera, the daughter of his Samoan ally Laura. In the end, the tribe took a vote and Rob joined the Solana tribe. Aparri then took Stephen, and to everyone's pleasure Ciera also ended up on Solana. Luzon was no more.

Back at Solana, Aras was thrilled to be reunited with his friend Rob. He proposed to his tribe that Ciera go first, then after he would be willing to cut Rob, but he felt Rob could be used for their tribe more so than Ciera. While everyone outwardly agreed, even Aras's closest ally Amber had her reservations about keeping Rob around longer. In private, Brett, Ashley, and Sydney extended their offer to Ciera, who rounded out their foursome.

At Aparri, Stephen and Sophie quickly assessed the situation, realizing that Marissa was most definitely on the outs. They decided they would attempt to work with her, and if it fell through they would be willing to throw her under the bus to secure themselves three more days.

At the immunity challenge, the new Solana kept their winning streak alive, sending Aparri to it's third consecutive tribal council.

With Six Members, Pete promised Stephen and Sophie three more days if they were willing to vote out Marissa. They agreed in order to keep the target off their back, although they had no intention of doing such. Sophie informed Marissa of the plan and asked for intel on who was close with who. Marissa revealed to Sophie that Pete and Mikayla had become incredibly close over the past few days. Stephen predicted that if it came down to a tie that Pete would flip on Mikayla before she flipped on him. Marissa agreed and the three vowed to stick together on a revote. Hoping the other side would fold.

At Tribal Council, Marissa and Mikayla each received three votes, causing a revote. Mike and Pete looked to eachother in utter confusion. Not wanting to pick a rock, Pete did just as Stephen suspected, selling out Mikayla in order to advance himself, sending his showmance home in a 3-1 revote.

Episode 6 - Reality Check

Mike was incredibly frustrated that Marissa, Sophie, and Stephen's plan had worked, and even more frustrated that Pete had turned is back on his alliance.

He approached the three now in control of the Aparri tribe and said he hope they could make amends going forward. The three agreed to do so. Sophie noted how dangerous Mike could be in the future because of his cool demeanor and his ability to smooth over the relationships between adversaries. However, Marissa also pointed out how scary it was that Pete was willing to betray everyone he was working with just to get himself three more days in the game.

At the immunity challenge, Solana once again dominated the Aparri tribe, sending them to their fourth consecutive Tribal Council. Defeated, the five members sporting orange buffs walked back to camp feeling defeated.

Stephen, Sophie, & Marissa gathered back at camp to discuss who would be more dangerous keeping in the game. Stephen felt they could be able to work with Mike going forward, even though he is more of a threat, while Sophie felt that this may be their only chance to get rid of Mike before it's too late. Marissa said she felt that it was a victory getting rid of either Pete or Mike.

Realizing one of them would be going home Mike and Pete shook hands before heading to Tribal Council.

At Tribal, The Aparri three sided with Pete, sending Mike, their biggest threat home in a 4-1 vote.

Episode 7 - Nothing Stings Like Getting Matsing'd

The Aparri tribe had arrived back from Tribal Council where Pete was happy to be in the game, but even more frustrated with his position. "Nothing stings like getting Matsing'd," he said glaring at Marissa. Marissa however was happy that she had managed to get revenge on Mike and Mikayla for betraying her friend Crystal. She was confident that she, Stephen, and Sophie should have no trouble getting to the merge despite Aparri's losing streak.

At the Immunity Challenge both tribes were anxious, thinking this could be the last immunity challenge before the two tribes merged. And as usual, Solana managed to defeat Aparri once again. Ensuring that their tribe would make it to the merge intact. Meanwhile, Aparri would head to tribal one last time.

In an easy decision, the Aparri 3 were happy to stick together to eliminate the one person they had worried about interfering with their plans come the merge. At Tribal Council Marissa voted for Pete, however the Aparri 3 sent Pete home in a 3-1 vote.

Episode 8 - Beginning of the End

Sophie and Stephen congratulated Marissa on being the last original Aparri member standing. Marissa said she had done it for her friend Crystal, who she vowed to avenge once she had been voted out. The two waited until the next morning when they got word that they would be moving to the Solana camp to take part in their merge.

Once there, they received a crate with 11 fresh black buffs, a small spread of cheese and crackers, and a flag and paints for them to celebrate their merge. However, the festivities didn't last long.

Stephen and Sophie quickly assured Rob & Ciera that Marissa was more than happy to work with them. Rob was positive he could get Aras on board, and the six of them could take control of the game.

However, little did they know Ciera was not on board at all, she quickly ran back to Brett, Sydney, and Ashley to inform them that the RHAP alliance planned to sway Aras. "As long as we can keep Amber grounded we should be fine," Ashley said. The four were nervous that Amber would follow Aras's lead and thus screw over the Solana alliance.

Rob approached Aras and asked he would be interested in joining. Aras said he was more than willing to bro-down with Rob. Although he had originally pledged his loyalty to the Solana tribe, he knew he would have to betray them before they betrayed him. All Aras asked was that Amber join, and the three made a final three deal. Rob readily agreed, although he was nervous how Amber, his old adversary from All-Stars would react to the prospect of joining forces with him.

At the immunity challenge, Sophie won, ensuring her a 1 in 10 shot at the million dollars.

Back at camp, Aras relayed Rob's proposal to Amber. Amber, who was more than happy sticking with Solana was hesitant to join up with Rob Cesternino asked who they would target. Aras suggested they go after Jay, as he was the strongest guy on the new merged tribe. Amber said she would consider.

Brett also made an effort to convince Amber that it was crucial to vote out either Rob or Aras. Shocked that Brett would consider voting out her friend and ally, Aras, Amber was nervous to speak further about this, although the idea of voting out Rob did intrigue her as she could not trust him.

At the vote, unbeknownst to her alliance, Ciera sided with Solana in voting out Rob, while Amber sided with her ally Aras in voting out Jay in a 6-5 vote.

Episode 9 - You're Just So Dangerous

After Tribal Council, Ciera had been exposed for ratting out her former allies, and Amber had revealed to Aras that Brett had tried to convince her to vote out either him or Rob. Shocked at all of these betrayals, the RHAP alliance knew they would have many targets for future tribal councils, although Amber was still very insecure about her position within the alliance.

Knowing they would have to scramble, Brett and his girls Sydney, Ashley, and Ciera realized they would have to get Amber to force a tie, or convince several people to come to their side, meaning they would have to have a common enemy on the other side.

Ciera, while nervous, promised herself she would not risk getting herself eliminated in order to help save her allies. She knew this was an uphill battle.

At the immunity challenge, Aras won immunity, gaurenteeing him a 1 in 9 shot at One Million Dollars.

Back at camp, Brett urged Amber to make the jump and change up the game, but after trying to get rid of Aras, Amber simply could not trust him and joined her alliance, as well as Ciera, in voting Brett out in a 7-3 vote. Brett, Sydney and Ashley's votes going toward Rob, again.

Episode 10 - Shake It Up

After Tribal Council, Ashley and Sydney hugged it out, it was hard losing one ally after another. Losing was new to Ashley, but it wasn't to Sydney, the two girls vowed that they would come up with a plan in order to get themselves back into the game.

Meanwhile, Aras, Rob, Sophie, Stephen, Marissa & Amber sat comfortably in their six person alliance. Rob and Aras took the reigns and had the alliance swear to eachother that no matter what the girls tried to pull over the next few days, they would stick together.

The next morning, Sydney went to talk to Amber about flipping. Sydney assured Amber that because Ciera had turned their backs on them at the last tribal her and Ashley would be more than happy to take Amber to the final three with them, and that even with Aras there would be know way that Rob, Stephen & Sophie would let Amber get to Day 39 again. Amber, realizing the graveness of her situation, agreed to work with Sydney & Ashley to shake up the game under the condition that Rob went first. Sydney assured her that it was certainly possible.

After Sydney told Ashley Amber was in. Ashley beckoned to Ciera assuring her that Amber was in on the plan to take out Rob. All they needed was one more person. Ciera assured the girls she would attempt to flip Marissa after the immunity challenge.

At the immunity challenge, Rob saved himself by winning individual immunity.

Unsure who to target, Sydney, Ashley, & Ciera sat down with Amber to ask who she would be willing to vote out of the other 5 members in the alliance. Amber mentioned that she felt Sophie would be a big challenge and social threat in the future, plus she had a close bond with Stephen.

Meanwhile, the RHAP alliance had agreed to vote out Ciera because they knew how dangerous she could be if she got to the end game. All of the members of the alliance had no problem letting Ashley & Sydney linger a few more days.

When she had the opportunity Ciera pulled Marissa aside about the possibility of voting out Sophie. Appaled at the idea of voting out her Aparri ally, Marissa quickly denied Ciera's offer. However, Ciera knew her neck was on the line. Ciera pointed out that Sophie was much closer with Stephen and Rob than she was with her. However, Marissa pointed out Ciera was much more loyal to the girls than she was to her. However, Ciera countered by pointing out she voted out Brett at the last tribal council. Ciera proposed a final three of her, Marissa and Amber. "You have a much better chance against Amber & I than you do against those two, they're brains for a reason!" Ciera said in her final plea.

Marissa, unsure of how she was going to vote, went on a walk to get her head together.

At Tribal Council, Marissa decided to side with the girls, sending Sophie home in a 5-4 vote.

Episode 11 - The Aftermath

The men of the RHAP alliance had been blindsided by the loss of their close ally, Sophie. While they knew Amber had been waivering, they were all stunned that Marissa had betrayed them.

Marissa was sure to apologize to her friend Stephen for taking out his close friend and ally Sophie. Stephen attempted to by sympathetic, but lied saying it hurt because he and Sophie were so happy to help Marissa get revenge on all of her adversaries and he hoped that Marissa would have done the same for him.

Feeling guilty, Marissa contemplated switching back to the guys side, however she realized how close the three of them had gotten.

Meanwhile, the newly formed girls alliance had taken full effect. Amber was anxious to take out Rob, while Ashley and Sydney were patiently licking their chops at the prospect of finally taking out Aras. Meanwhile, Marissa was hoping she could make it up to Stephen some how.

Marissa proposed a secret alliance with Stephen, and the two promised to look out for one another on opposite alliances.

At the immunity challenge, Aras won his second immunity, securing himself a spot in the final 7.

Knowing that his time was coming to an end, Rob Cesternino attempted one final play in order to save his alliance. Rob proposed that Ashley, Sydney, Aras & himself take out his close friend Stephen and work to take out the people the other girls were hoping to work with. Rob promised Sydney & Ashley a final three deal, stating that he would have the blood on his hands while the girls would look sympathetic to the jury. While the girls considered it, Aras pulled his friend aside and said that while he supported Rob, he wasn't going to sell out Stephen in order to save him. At the end of the day Ashley & Sydney also stated they were secure with their all-girls alliance, and had no interest in working with Rob.

Dissapointed he couldn't pull off this crazy move, Rob, Stephen and Aras stuck together throwing three votes at Ashley, while the girls sent Rob home in a 5-3 vote.

Episode 12 - Secret Secrets

Stephen and Aras returned to camp, upset that their friend had been voted off, but they had a plan in order to get them back into the drivers seat. They knew there would be some disagreement amonst the girls about who would be the next person voted out.

Ashley, Marissa, & Sydney pushed hard to make sure that Aras was the next person voted out. Ciera stated she had no preference, but Amber was very reluctant to vote out her friend and former ally Aras. Despite being on opposite sides the two still remained quite close.

Seeing a chance to capitalize on this, Aras promised Amber that if she rejoined them that they would go to the end together. Feeling she was on the outs with the women anyway, Amber promised Aras she would be on their side, but said she was unsure if any of the other girls would flip.

Excited at this possibility Aras told Stephen that Amber would be willing to flip on the girls, specifically Sydney & Ashley who had been out to get Aras from the very beginning. Stephen said he would see if Marissa would be willing to flip over to their side.

Before the immunity challenge, Stephen pulled Marissa aside and asked if their was any chance of her joining him and Aras if they were able to get a fourth person on board. Suspicious that they already had somebody, Marissa asked who this would be. Stephen said that they had not found a fourth but wondered if she would be interested. Marissa, sensing Stephen's nervousness demanded to know who the fourth would be. Amber? she asked curiously. Stephen nodded quickly. Shocked, Marissa had a lot to rethink after this challenge.

Ashley won her first immunity challenge, giving her a 1 in 6 shot at the one million dollar prize.

With Ashley winning immunity Stephen, Aras, and Amber had set their sights on Sydney.

Meanwhile, Marissa had come to the other girls with news that Amber had betrayed them.

Shocked, the girls plotted to spare Aras one more round, and blindside Amber instead.

The girls followed through with their plan, blindsiding Amber in a 4-3 vote, leaving both boys in one more week.

Episode 13 - Girl Power

Stephen and Aras returned to camp, stunned Amber was gone, and even more stunned that they were both still in the game. Though Ashley had assured Aras it wouldn't be for long. The rivalry between Aras & Ashley was about to come to a head. Ashley had been plotting to vote Aras out since Solana was a tribe of just six people, and though Aras had just recently discovered Ashley's plan, he was determined to make her regret coming after him. He was the underdog this time around.

The four girls agreed that Aras would be the next to go, and Stephen would follow soon after. Ashley was confident that Ciera & Marissa wouldn't waiver this time around. It was crucial to all of them that Aras go, he was the biggest threat.

"Girl Power!" Sydney cheered.

At the immunity challenge, Aras knew this could be his last chance at Survival, he prepared himself as much as he could, but at the challenge he fell just short to Stephen.

Aras pleaded his case once again to Marissa & Ciera, but they saw no difference in going to the final four with Ashley & Sydney than they did with two stronger, smarter guys.

At Tribal Council, after days and days of being targeted, Aras was finally taken down by a 4-2 vote.

Season Finale - Appealing to the Masses

Stephen returned to camp the last man standing. While he felt like he could be the next target, he knew that their were two solid twosomes of women who were looking to get to the final three in the easiest way possible, and what better way than to bring Stephen along as the third, and Stephen was more than willing to appeal to the masses.

Ciera and Marissa were the first to approach him. The two girls had said they were looking out for him far more than the other two girls had, and the others girls had as many friends on the jury as Stephen did and would therefore be more dangerous to go up against in the end. While Stephen knew the girls presented an interesting case, he also knew that Ciera & Marissa played much stronger games than someone like Sydney.

Marissa stayed behind to ask Stephen if their pact was still strong, Stephen assured her that even if he went against her ally, he would not betray her as well. Happy with this, Marissa went to join Ciera.

Meanwhile, Sydney and Ashley argued that Ciera would have one of the greatest winner stories ever, hopping from alliance to alliance in order to keep herself in the game. Ashley told Stephen while she had made friends she'd made plenty of enemies as well, and Sydney pointed out she was more along for the ride than she was here to win at the end.

At the immunity challenge, Ashley clenched her second individual win, ensuring her a 1 in 4 shot at a million bucks and a chance to compete in the final challenge.

Knowing Sydney wasn't much of a threat, Ciera offered to point out that Sydney was more likely to get votes because of the enemies Ashley made. She asked Stephen to tell her who would even consider voting for her over Stephen or Marissa. Stephen cited Jay and Brett, but even Ciera pointed out she didn't know Jay well, and Brett would vote on strategic merit..."unless it was Sydney," Ciera said. Ciera warned Stephen that Sydney was a bigger threat than he knew.

At Tribal Council, Stephen heeded Ciera's advice and voted with her & Marissa, sending Sydney home in a 3-2 vote.

The final four celebrated their achievement with an early breakfast and then a hike to commemorate the fallen comrades, then they arrived at their final immunity challenge.

There, Stephen Fishbach won, ensuring that he would once again have the opportunity to plead his case at the final tribal council.

Stephen got together with his formerly secret ally Marissa to discuss the pros and cons of taking Ciera or Ashley to the finals with them.

They noted that Ciera had played a strong, solid game, though made very few successful, flashy moves. While Ashley had been a dominating force in the last few weeks.

However, Ashley had also made many enemies, while the jury seemed fairly content with Ciera over all.

With the two girls gunning for eachother, Stephen and Marissa ended up siding with Ciera, sending Ashley home at the final four once again in a 3-1 vote.

At the final tribal council, each of the final three pleaded their case to the jury.

Marissa discussed how she was the only member of the Aparri tribe to make it to the merge, and she took a risk in sticking with Sophie and Stephen and a bigger risk when she went on her own in order to help take Sophie out. She said she flew under the radar while still making a big impact in the game, for example, using Stephen's offer to take out Amber, who was a critical swing vote and believed that going from being the third person voted out to the final three was something very few people in Survivor history had been capable of doing.

Stephen pointed out that he was the one who conducted the plan that helped Sophie, Marissa & himself to dominate the Aparri tribe, and that he exploited Marissa's secret alliance with him in order to put him in the perfect position at final five where he was able to take out Ashley & Sydney, who he felt were his two biggest jury threats.

Ciera argued that she had overcome more than Marissa and Stephen. She had just barely survived the Luzon tribe early in the game, and then flopped on her alliance whenever it was convenient for her to do so. Her biggest move was convincing Stephen to take out Sydney instead of her even though she pointed out that Sydney had little chance of winning the game. Ciera argued while she didn't make big and flashy moves this time around, she kept people loyal who needed to stay loyal and ultimately convinced Marissa to flip against Sophie, thus being the biggest turning point for the women this season.

One by one the jurors voted, back in Los Angles Jeff Read the votes...

First vote...

"Stephen" Rob had voted for his RHAP ally and friend.

"Stephen," Aras had done the same.

"Stephen," Sophie had followed suit.

"Ciera," Brett saluted his friend's strong plays.

"Ciera," Jay as well supported Ciera's strong game.

"Ciera," Amber couldn't vote for Marissa after screwing her over, and admired Ciera's heart.

3 Votes Ciera, 3 votes Stephen, 2 votes left!

"Marissa," Ashley believed many people had over looked Marissa's gameplay.

It all came down to Sydney's vote. Sydney had been close with Stephen in Tocantins, yet very much admired Ciera's gameplay as well.

"The Winner, of Survivor: Cagayan - Brains vs. Beauty vs. Brawn...."


Ciera Eastin had returned and won, as Stephen Fishbach was once again...runner up.