White Collar (Masaya)

Carolyn Rivera: Can't get a good read from her, she looks like she'll be my least favorite of the token hags in each tribe.

'Joaquin Souberbielle: 'I like this guy, and he looks to be intelligent, but I feel that intelligence will go underused since he's a recruit and the stereotypical "I'm unique haha no one before played like I will" isn't helping him

Max Dawson: This guy is pretty funny on Twitter, has a presumably large knowledge and understanding of the game, but I believe he'll be arrogant to a fault

Shirin Oskooi: I love her, modest, compares herself to Sandra and Rob C., is inspired by Larry David and RuPaul, she's going to be a lovable and wise character.

So Kim: Overhyped in my opinion, she has a large following, however she compares herself to THREE overrated players, including the god awful Cochran. I hope she lives up to the hype though

Tyler Fredrickson: Arrogant, compares himself to Boston Rob, overall boring and bland, not a fan

Blue Collar (Escameca)

Dan Foley: Loyal to Survivor, but he's an obvious premerge boot and if he does make merge he'll probably be edited to be a buffoon like Phillip Sheppard (ugh)

Kelly Remington: My favorite of the hags, a lesbian cop who takes no B.S., I feel she'll be amazing like premerge Sherri and hopefully not be Merge Sherri

Lindsey Cascaddan: I love her so much but she won't fit with Blue Collar, she would've been better on No Collar but oh well.

Mike Holloway: Since he was one of the last 3 to be spoiled, I have a weak opinion on him. I can see him partnering with Kelly to be honest and the two being a great tag team.

Rodney Lavoie: An even worse recruit than Joaquin, premerge more than likely.

Sierra Dawn Thomas: I like her but I don't know how she will do.

No COllar (Nagarote)

Hali Ford: She's likeable but I don't see her doing well

Jenn Brown: I feel she's extremely smart and will hopefully go far

Joe Anglim: The personality of Malcolm and the intelligence and charisma of Alec Christy, will probably go far nonetheless

Nina Poersch: She seems super sweet but she'll be a sad premerge boot :(

Vince Sly: Oh my god what a God among men. I love this guy so much but I hope he makes merge but I don't know how well he'll do.

Will Sims: I don't Mike he was the last to be spoiled so I haven't had as much time to establish an opinion as the rest, he seems Artis-esque as an early merge boot with no substance.