Hi I'm new here and I'm bored so I'm going to do my opinion on the cast of the new season yolo.

Allie - She seems so generic and boring she should have been casted for Redemption Island, it's hard to even form an opinion on her because she seems so plain, overall I dislike her.

Andrea - probably my favorite of the ometepe females from Redemption Island, since she actually did some stuff in that season other than gravitate around Boston Rob, her saying she's going to be more aggresive and such makes me excited to see her play, overall I like her

Brandon - probably the Hantz I can tolerate the most, and that's not saying much, hopefully he uses his brain and not his bible this time to play the game and isn't so sporatic and such, he obviously knew his mistakes since he repeated it in his cast interview, I'm willing to watch him, but I'll be a harsh critic, over all I'm neutal.

Brenda - I'd rather have seen Marty, but it's not like there's a large selection of interesting characters to pick from Nicaragua, I was neutral with her in Nicaragua, and it seems like I'm neutral with her again, there's nothing to her that cataches my eye that hasn't already been done before or isn't noteworthy, overall I'm neutral

Corinne Kaplan - anyone that relates themself to Randy Bailey is immediately on my love list. This girl is so critical and it's so amazing, she was crude and mean before and I expect no less from her this time around, overall I love her.

Dawn Meehan - kind of an odd choice but she's basically the sweetheart of this group, there's nothing to hate from this woman, she really did nothing in South Pacific, but I'm willing to give her a chance to redeem herself, overall, I'm neutral to liking her.

Eddie Fox - This guy looks like a modest physically strong guy, which we haven't had in a while, since Cook Islands Ozzy I think, I like this guy, more on a "as a person" standpoint than "as a player" though, but I'm willing to see what he has, overall, I like him.

Erik Reichenbach - He was naive last time, let's see if he can redeem himself, it's also nice to see the fan become the favorite, overall, I like him

Francesca Hogi - Whoever casted her should be fired and humiliated, I'm only looking forward for her and Phillip to go at it some more, and that's it, she was boring to begin with, overall, I hate her

Hope Driskill - She's a bit less generis than Allie and a bit more arrogant saying she's going to be the next winner, obviously she has everything handed to her on a silver platter, overall, I hate her

John Cochran - This guy was unlucky last season, he had to be stuck on a tribe with Jim, Whitney, and the most arrogant Ozzy to date, then get insulted for flipping on them, like this guy had it bad, and I'm hoping he can redeem himself, overall, I'm neutral.

Julia Landauer - She seems the most interesting of the 20 year old women, but that isn't saying much, she bored me I actually ignored half of her cast interview, but I'm wiling to give her a chance, overall, I'm neutral.

Laura Alexander - Slightly more interesting than Hope, it also sounded like she took pages from Russell Hantz's book, A.K.A. how to become a giant pathetic bully, overall, I hate her.

Malcolm Freberg - I liked in 25, but he was overshadowed by amazing gods as Penner and Denise, so hopefully there's more to like of him, also his bios seem to offer more than we get of this man, but he has potential, overall, I love him.

Matt Bischoff - Adam Poch of survivor, first boot, but he'll be interesting, overall, I dislike him.

Michael Snow - I actually like this guy, he seems to want to act like Russell Hantz, but not the way Hantz  did as in he's going to wait so he doesn't get a giant target on his back, overall, I like him.

Phillip Sheppard - He brought his feather and pink underwear, dear god have mercy, overall, I hate him.

Reynold Toepfer - This guy wants to go the Fabio approach, minus the going serious at the end, or at least it wasn't said, he seems to just want to be comic relief, and then he says he thinks he's going to win, haha, you're already making jokes, overall, I dislike him.

Shamar Thomas - Recruited because of a dumb youtube video that's irrelevant to survivor, only watched Samoa and HvV so he's going the Russell approach, no thank you, overall, I hate him

Sherri Biethman - Most interesting female on the fans tribe, not saying much, but I'm more leniant on liking her than the other boring wastes, overall, I'm neutral