• RoosterInMyRari

    Carolyn Rivera: Can't get a good read from her, she looks like she'll be my least favorite of the token hags in each tribe.

    'Joaquin Souberbielle: 'I like this guy, and he looks to be intelligent, but I feel that intelligence will go underused since he's a recruit and the stereotypical "I'm unique haha no one before played like I will" isn't helping him

    Max Dawson: This guy is pretty funny on Twitter, has a presumably large knowledge and understanding of the game, but I believe he'll be arrogant to a fault

    Shirin Oskooi: I love her, modest, compares herself to Sandra and Rob C., is inspired by Larry David and RuPaul, she's going to be a lovable and wise character.

    So Kim: Overhyped in my opinion, she has a large following, however she compares …

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  • RoosterInMyRari

    Hi I'm new here and I'm bored so I'm going to do my opinion on the cast of the new season yolo.

    Allie - She seems so generic and boring she should have been casted for Redemption Island, it's hard to even form an opinion on her because she seems so plain, overall I dislike her.

    Andrea - probably my favorite of the ometepe females from Redemption Island, since she actually did some stuff in that season other than gravitate around Boston Rob, her saying she's going to be more aggresive and such makes me excited to see her play, overall I like her

    Brandon - probably the Hantz I can tolerate the most, and that's not saying much, hopefully he uses his brain and not his bible this time to play the game and isn't so sporatic and such, he obviously k…

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