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  • RobinsonUS91

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if I could request a favor of you? I have about 20 photos that I'm trying to add to the wiki but it seems that the wiki refuses to take them and I'm wondering if maybe my network is the cause? Either way I was wondering if someone wouldn't mind posting them for me. The photos can be found at Sasa and ending at Caroline. If you could do this for me it'd be very appreciated! Thanks again!

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  • RobinsonUS91

    Hey guys! As a contributor I'm relatively new here, but as a site viewer I've been around for awhile. A few years back while looking over at the Wikipedia Survivor page I was disturbed by the lack of information on the international versions of the show. Around 2009/10 I decided that I would try and find out as much info as I could on the Robinson versions of the franchise in order to provide some more details for others who were curious like myself. Along the way I found out about many different twists that have occurred in different versions that have/have not appeared in the US. I figured I'd share some with you here :).


    1. The black vote-I don't really know how this hasn't appeared in the US yet considering it's been almost every…

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