Before I begin this blog, I would like to inform you all that I've only seen ten seasons, with bits of a few others. I am only ranking players from seasons I have watched completely, in full, so that I can have a fair cast assessment.

10. Shii Ann Huang

Shii Ann AS mogo

Shii Ann

I've never gotten the guts to watch Thailand-- it's constantly bashed as the worst season ever, and quite frankly, it's cast looks horrid. However, when I decided to watch All-Stars, I fell in love with Shii Ann, the lone Thailand representative. I think Shii Ann is a lovely player, and one of the most cutthroat. She isn't afraid to make moves, and I love that about her.

I watched a smidge of Thailand's fake merge episode, where Shii Ann confessed to the respectable members of that tribe that she would switch to Chuay Gahn. Then the fake merge curveball-- I found that completely unfair! Shii Ann could've seriously done some real damage in Thailand. But luckily she returned to All-Stars, where I discovered her. She's definitely assertive, and I loved her on Mogo Mogo. But I think the thing that really makes me love Shii Ann, specifically, is when she wins the challenge where she's the final remaining member of the Mogo alliance. I especially love it nowadays, where I despise Boston Rob for turning Redemption Island into a cult, so as far as I'm concerned, Shii Ann can slap Chapera in the face all she wants! Overall, Shii Devil will always be a favorite off mine, but too bad she'll probably never come back again. ever. </3

9. Candice Woodcock



In her original season, Candice did something that (from what i know) Shii Ann above would've been smart to do: she took the mutiny. I've always majorly respected candice, ever since I watched the snippet of Cook Islands where she made her move, boldly changing the face of the thirteenth season. It takes guts to be the first mutineer in Survivor history, and I love Candice for that.

Fast forward a few years to Heroes vs. Villains, where Candice is actually a heroine for her mutiny! Go figure? I managed to shrug off the whole thing, though, and I found it hilarious when she flipped on the Heroes to join the Villains-- and still got the same place as her previous season! Candice just can't win. I love Candice because she's such a risky player, and although flipping to the Villains isn't near as epic as her mutiny, she's made many epic moves, which makes her memorable and a favorite of mine. She's also hawt. <3