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Survivor: Palau Cast Rankings

Reddude June 2, 2012 User blog:Reddude

I've decided I'm going to rank all of the Survivor season's casts, one-by-one! And since it's my favorite season ever (and first I saw), I'll start with Survivor: Palau! ^_^ Hope you guys enjoy, and remember, these are my personal opinions.

20: Jonathan Libby

Jonathan Libby

I don't hate Jonathan. we just never really got to see anything from him. He would've been a great asset in challenges though, and a determinator, judging by how he dared to jump off the boat with Stephenie.

19: Kim Mullen

Kim Mullen

Even though Kim ranks low, she's not that bad-- I loved this season's cast! She did nothing of any value, though, in her short-lived time this season. Kim basically just clung to Jeff for the first 8 days, and when he went out, she was a dead woman walking. I do like that she recognized Ulong was destined to fail early, though. But she didn't do anything to try and stop it, either, so that's why she places nineteenth.

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