Hey there, guys! I've just been wondering about the new season lately, so I've searched up the One World cast, but all I can find is the same speculated cast over and over again. This actually backs-up that htey are, in fact, the castaways, but you never know. Anyways, just in case you want no idea of who the cast is, I suggest not reading this blog as it will probably contain cast spoilers. I get all my information from this website.

Let's start off with Michael Jefferson, the banker from Washington State. His appearence looks very... chaotic, maybe it's his hair. 'Chaotic', in Survivor, translates into faulty strategists whose strategies usually wind up failing them in the beginning, resulting in either their elimination of backstepping into Plan B. A prime example of a Chaotic Strategist is Phillip Sheppard in the beginning of Redemption Island, who was forced into Plan B when ratting out his minority alliance. Albiet, Michael I think will be much more tame than Phillip, and a little more level-headed. This will probably mean he's a pre-merge out, for sure. Predicted Placing: 16th to 12th.

Now for Monica Culpepper. First off, love the name. Based on her appearence, Monica looks like a sophisticated "beach babe" castaway. Only problem? She's 41, and most beach babes are in their mid-twenties. Since she's way too old in my book to be cast-off as a beach babe, I've now considered: she's going to be a flirty girl, an expy of Parvati Shallow. She'll either go one of two ways (for the record, I'm going with the assumption that teams are split by gender for the first couple episodes). A, Monica will fly under the radar til the merge/tribal swap, where she'll be able to play the men and manage to get to around the Final 8 or 7. Or B, the girls recognize she's a merge threat and vote her off almost immediately. I'm hoping for A. 'Predicted Placing: 10th to 7th.

Up to bat for the men, Colton Cumbie, who starts off immediately giving me the 'nice guy' vibe. My initial thoughts for Colton are at the very least Final 6. He looks like one of those players who will carry their tribe on their shoulders to get to the merge. I can see him winning multiple immunities, as well. If he's at all like I think he is, he'll either win or get picked off for being too likeable. (I'm betting on a clean-swept Final Tribal Council, for him). Predicted Placing: 5th to 1st