I've seen snippets of every season, and have gotten to assess all of the winners' gameplay (or lack thereof) throughout scowering YouTube for full Survivor seasons to watch. I'll be ranking all of the winners-- these are subject to change eventually, though, if and when I view a winner's season i haven't seen yet. So... Onward? xD

Note: If you don't like my rankings make your own.

22. Rob Mariano

Rob Chapera

Rob is the pure embodiment of FIXED WIN in the game of Survivor. He completely failed in Marquesas, but he managed to wing being determined an all-stars (because of Marquesas' less-than-adequate cast) and then proves to be a dominant strategic player. In Heroes vs. Villains, he got bested by Russell, fair and square. Then come to Redemption Isla nd, finally, "Rob vs. Russell". This is where Rob got way too lucky. First, he was going up against Russell. RUSSELL. The producers knew Russell wouldn't stand a chance this season, so they put him and Rob on seperate tribes. The two never even got to speak to each other, let alone compete. The challenges were also fixed, and that combined with Redemption Island's stupidty in casting, makes me despise Rob. Also, playing 4 times? Get a life...

21. Brian Heidik

Brian immnt Challng

From what I hear, he's unlikeable, and the lesser of two evils. He dominated much like Rob, so I hear, and Redemption Island has drawn a lot of comparisons to Thailand. I'm scared to watch it. I can't judge Brian's character, but if he's anything like Rob, I am not a fan. He also shot a puppy... :C

20. Danni Boatwright

Danni B

Guatemala is one of the seasons I haven't watched completely, but from what I saw (a few episodes) Danni was completely out of the picture for 90% of the time. I'm also not a big fan of under-the-radar wins; a winner should have full scale development, I believe, and danni didn't get that luxury, from what I saw. I'm also a HUGE Stephenie fan, and was kind-of disappointed to see Steph lose to her in the finale. :(

19. Sophie Clarke

Sophie Clark ep.1

I have seen South Pacific, and I hate the season with a passion. Sophie was a likeable girl and all, but like Danni above, she got barely any screen time. Her bluntness also irked me a bit. And despite it crushing all hopes of redemption for the season, Sophie defeating Ozzy in the Final Immunity Challenge will be remembered for a while. It's also a huge factor as to why Sophie won.

18. Vecepia Towery

Vecepia Soliantu

What can I say? I'm pretty consistent, so far. Vecepia was the first under-the-radar winner, and I've only seen a couple Marquesas episodes. What will Vecepie be remembered for? First, coming from the clearly inferior tribe. Second, her betrayal of Boston Rob at the merge. And third, winning despite being down in numbers at merge. Vecepia will always be the most remember under-the-radar.